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ASHRAE Update Brought to You by the President Elect Advisory Committee (PEAC)

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1 ASHRAE Update Brought to You by the President Elect Advisory Committee (PEAC)

2 Renewing ASHRAE’s Strategic Plan Strategic plan being revised Input being sought from all stakeholders Goal to have Board-approved plan by 2014 Annual Conference Strong focus on: – Understanding member and industry needs – Serving stakeholders better

3 2012-13 Membership Statistics (excluding students) Members (as of June 30, 2013): 44,432 Cancellations: 4,521 (2963, 65% United States) New members : 4, 595 (3,013, 65% United States) 89.8% retention rate, small net increase in total membership

4 ASHRAE Financials Audited revenues average $26 million Goals for budgeting: balance and plan budgets to try to retain member programs and minimize deficit spending Revenues

5 Online discussion platform for real-time discussion and information exchange Popular topics: IAQ, high performing buildings, ground source heat pumps, technical training Since June 22 – 778 threads and 1,085 posts – 9,648 unique visitors – 52,399 page views

6 ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) HVAC Design Training Offered more often and in locations outside Atlanta Attendance – 342-Level I/86-Level II/220- Levels I and II combined = 648 TOTAL – 76% US; 14% Canada; 10% International eLearning Website extensively redesigned – More intuitive layout – Easier navigation – Improved and expanded search functions – More competitive pricing New courses – Standard 189.1-2011 – Humidity Control Design: Basic Principles, Loads, and Equipment – Building Information Modeling

7 ALI: New Courses Seminars Commercial Building Energy Audits Complying with Standard 90.1-2013 Introduction to Building Enclosure Commissioning Significant Changes to Standard 90.1-2010 and IECC 2012 (co-sponsored by ICC) Short Courses Applications of Standard 62.1-2013 Design of Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps Designing High-Performance Healthcare Facilities Electric Rates, Rules, Regulations Exceeding Standard 90.1-2013 to Meet LEED Requirements Fundamentals, Applications of Standard 55 IAQ Best Practices for Design, Construction, Commissioning

8 Building Energy Quotient Expanded to allow submissions by professional engineers in addition to ASHRAE-Certified Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) or Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) Continued monitoring of labeling requirements in state, local legislations while working to support both reference to and use of bEQ where appropriate. Current efforts include Florida, Chicago and Washington state Over 12,000 visits to bEQ website as of Dec. 9 with average of 14 workbooks downloaded per week

9 Advanced Energy Design Guides: 517,000 in circulation Four 50% AEDGsUnder Consideration 50% – Grocery Stores (1) – Quick Serve Restaurants – Places of Assembly Net Zero – K-12 Schools (2) – “Net Zero Ready” Guidance

10 Indoor Air Quality Guide Provides strategies to achieve good IAQ using proven technologies and without significantly increasing costs Available for free at Over 13,700 downloads since June 22, 2013 1,872 total sales since April 2009

11 GreenGuide 4 th edition now available; being made available as epub at this conference IEQ chapter completely revised; content references IAQ Guide

12 Quick Facts: Technical Activities Committee 3,553 volunteers; 11% increase since 2011 572 volunteers from outside U.S. and Canada 314 volunteers are Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA) Sponsored 70% of Technical Program at 2013 Annual Conference Maintain over 200 Handbook chapters

13 Quick Facts: Research Administration Committee 79 TC experts volunteered to write work statements, research topic acceptance requests in Society Year 12-13 Average cost and duration of projects: $164k and 20 months: 330 TC volunteers monitoring progress on 62 active projects 55% of active research projects conducted at universities 845 projects valued at $67.5 million started since 1960

14 Changes in Handbook Benefit Starting with 2014-15 Society year, members in grades that entitle them to receive print Handbook as their free annual benefit have new option for selecting Handbook member benefit—four-volume ASHRAE Handbook Online. For the 2015 HVAC Applications volume year, eligible members have following options: – Option 1: Print volume (I-P or SI edition) with CD included, or – Option 2: Access during their membership year to ASHRAE Handbook Online with separate mailing of 2015 CD, or – Option 3: Print volume (I-P or SI edition) with CD included, plus one- year subscription to ASHRAE Handbook Online—a combination of all three formats—for additional $29.

15 Join Us in 2014 Feb. 24-26: International Conference on Energy and Indoor Environment for Hot Climates, Doha, Qatar April 6-8: High Performance Buildings Conference, San Francisco, Calif., April 17: Buildings in Balance: Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency Webcast April 24-25: Efficient, High Performance Buildings for Developing Economies Conference, Manila, Philippines June 28-July 2: 2014 ASHRAE Annual Conference, Seattle, Wash. Sept. 23-25, AHR Expo Mexico, Mexico City, Sept. 10-12: ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference, Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 2-3: International Conference on Efficient Building Design – Materials and HVAC Equipment Technologies, Beirut, Lebanon

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