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1 After Capitalism: An Alternative Vision For a New World Proutist Universal.

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1 1 After Capitalism: An Alternative Vision For a New World Proutist Universal

2 2 The 3rd World Social Forum – Brazil – 100,000 participants.

3 3 “Prout’s cooperative model … sharing the resources of the planet for the welfare of everyone, deserves our serious consideration.” – from the Preface of the new book “After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World” by Dada Mahesvarananda Dr. Noam Chomsky, of MIT University, writes:

4 4 PROUT is the abbreviation for the Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic model for a sustainable future. It is based on economic self-sufficiency, cooperatives, ecological balance, and universal spiritual values.

5 5 Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921-1990) Indian philosopher who founded Prout in 1959. Author of more than 400 books, composer and spiritual master, he was a political prisoner from 1971-1978.

6 6 THE END OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM? It is based on profit, selfishness and greed. The tragic result is that half of the world’s population lives, suffers and dies in poverty.

7 7 “Masters of the universe!” – The London Financial Times

8 8 THE DEBT OF POOR COUNTRIES Up to 50% or more of the national budget is spent to pay debt interest. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forces countries to adopt extreme forms of “austerity”. These include reducing spending on education and health care, increasing interest rates which bankrupt small farmers and businesses and opening the country to multinational corporations, thereby destroying local industries and increasing unemployment.

9 9 EXPLOITATION! Brazil has paid back more than it ever borrowed, but it owes still more! An article in Forbes, a magazine for very rich international investors, explains why. Brazilian government bonds, which cost US$125,000 each, pay a profit of up to 25% a year. This is a fabulous profit, paid for by the Brazilian people’s taxes. The government uses the money that it raises from bonds to pay interest to the IMF.

10 10 INHUMAN THREATS Until now, no country has refused to pay its debt. The reason is the consequences that are threatened. USA Treasury Department publishes a list of prohibited imports that will be refused as an economic embargo if any country renounces its debt. The list includes insulin for diabetics!

11 11 International People’s Tribunal on the Debt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

12 12 World capitalism will explode in a GREAT DEPRESSION due to: 1) great concentration of wealth 2) blockage in the circulation of money (invested in speculation instead of production) 3) decreasing purchasing power of the common people 4) monetary devaluation (‘virtual money’ and buying on credit)

13 13 After capitalism – Prout proposes a new cooperative model based on spiritual values for the welfare of the planet and all living beings.

14 14 “Prout is very important to all who yearn for a liberation which starts from economics and opens to a totality of personal and social human existence.” Dr. Leonardo Boff, co-founder of Liberation Theology, wrote:

15 15 Different perspectives about property rights: According to 17th Century philosopher John Locke, if we buy land, it belongs to us. This seems logical, rational, obvious. But all indigenous peoples and traditional cultures said, “We belong to the land!” Prout’s concept of ‘Cosmic Inheritance’ expands this traditional perspective: the planet and the universe are the common property of all humanity. We have to share this through usufructuary rights, and not abuse them.

16 16 Prout THE RIGHT TO LIVE! The first priority of Prout is to guarantee the five minimum necessities of life to all: food (including pure drinking water) clothing housing (including electricity, sanitation) education medical care

17 17 The right to meaningful employment with fair wages is also a fundamental human right. A just minimum wage must be set high enough so that people may purchase their necessities.

18 18 Prout’s Economic Democracy is a dynamic economy of the people, by the people and for the people, making every region as economically self- sufficient as possible.

19 19 Prout’s Industry, Commerce and Goods and Services have Three Levels: 1. Small-scale private enterprises for non- essential products and services; 2. Cooperatives, both industrial and agricultural; 3. Large-scale key industries managed as public utilities by autonomous boards set up by the local government.

20 20 COOPERATIVES Industry, trade, agriculture and banking should be organized through producer and consumer cooperatives. These will produce the minimum necessities and most other products and services, forming the largest part of a Prout economy. Requirements for successful cooperatives: 1) honest, trustworthy leaders; 2) strict administration with transparent accounting; 3) the public’s sincere acceptance of the cooperative system.

21 21 ECONOMIC PROGRESS Prout measures progress by progressively decreasing the gap between the wealthiest and poorest members of the society. By guaranteeing the physical necessities to all, Prout strives for the collective well-being of everyone, encouraging each person to develop their higher mental and spiritual qualities.

22 22 P.R. Sarkar, a contemporary of Sen, also focused on inequality, the measurement of poverty, and on how societies can make choices that are both fair and efficient. Dr. Amartya Sen of Calcutta won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics, because he had “restored an ethical dimension to the discussion of vital economics problems.”

23 23 Universal spirituality: respect for all forms of mysticism. Inter-religious gathering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

24 24 Kiirtan: a spiritual dance of joy with Catholic priest Marcelo Barros (left) at the World Social Forum.

25 25 Celebrating our unity – part of the crowd at the Dawn Inter-Religious Celebration at the World Social Forum.

26 26 Proutists in the protests against the Meeting of the G8 Rich Countries in Genova, Italy in 2001.

27 27 Proutists marching in Buenos Aires.

28 28 Prout banner in Argentina: “To end the global crisis, we need Economic Democracy.”

29 29 Proutists in Buenos Aires.

30 30 Proutists in the International March of Women in New York.

31 31 Proutists in the March for Peace in Brasília with Home Minister Olívio Dutra, 15 February 2003.

32 32 Proutists in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in the Cry of the Excluded Peoples March.

33 33 Prout is not a rigid mold to be imposed on any society. Rather, it comprises a holistic set of dynamic principles that can be applied appropriately by the citizens and leaders to help their region or country prosper and achieve self- reliance in an ecological way.

34 34 Where are cooperatives, projects or people’s movements based on Prout taking place? Albania Argentina Australia Bolivia Brazil Burkina Faso Canada Colombia Congo Czech Republic Denmark Ghana Guatemala Guyana Haiti India Indonesia Italy Kenya Mexico Mongolia Nepal New Zealand Nicaragua Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland South Africa Taiwan Thailand United States Venezuela etc.

35 35 COOPERATIVE GAMES are a technique of experiential education that raise consciousness and teaches solidarity.

36 36 Cooperative games promote kindness, honesty, trust and teamwork.

37 37 IDEAL LEADERS Strong individuals can positively guide and inspire society. Prout needs social leaders with moral force, spiritual vision and courage to fight injustice and exploitation. Anyone can become an ideal leader by setting a personal example of honesty, self-discipline, sacrificing spirit and dedication to the welfare of humanity. By serving as advisors on collective boards, they can help guide the progress of society.

38 38 SERVICE: Teaching meditation in prison.

39 39 A musical concert, “Freedom for the Mind,” organized for the 700 inmates in the Belo Horizonte Prison, Brazil.

40 40 Restoring self-esteem: Three professional artists (left) with the five prisoners who received prizes for the their art works.

41 41 MEDITATION In the struggle for peace and justice in the world, we should not neglect our own internal peace. Meditation is an ancient practice with many benefits: overcoming insomnia, depression and mental complexes; increasing memory, concentration, willpower, self- control, self-esteem and tolerance; developing mental peace, wisdom, compassion and unconditional love.

42 42 Baba Nam Kevalam is a universal mantra in Sanskrit that means: “Everything is an expression of the Supreme.” HOW TO MEDITATE?  Close your eyes  Sit straight  Breathe deeply  Repeat your mantra  Practice every day

43 43 Are we capable of changing the world?

44 44 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Dr. Margaret Mead – anthropologist

45 45 A new book:

46 46 For more information about Prout or meditation, contact: Email:

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