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Planning Context.

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1 Planning Context

2 Conference Objectives
To increase momentum and ACTION on implementing plans for Ontario sport To establish clear responsibilities and accountabilities for ACTION To focus SAO plans and priorities on collective ACTION

3 Conference Design Saturday 9:00 - 5:00
Presentation to set context for action Ontario Sport Action Plan using CSP Pillars: Participation, Excellence, Capacity, Interaction Small groups review OSAP gaps areas and determine priorities and plans for collective action Establish monitoring and accountability

4 Conference Design Saturday 5:00 - 7:00
Social and cheering on Canada’s Olympians

5 Conference Design Sunday 9:00 - 1:00 Review Collective Action Plan
SAO Strategic Framework and Priorities Next Steps in Collective Action Continuing Momentum

6 Participant Introductions
Move to the assigned table Introduce yourself to others at your table answering the following: Name, Sport, Where From Why you signed up for the Conference? What will make this weekend a success for you?

7 Milestones: A long History
Best Ever Ontario Doubled funding to PSOs to ‘88 Olympics Athlete Development Focus FAME Program Participation Development Program eventually discontinued

8 Program Devolution 1985-1993: Transfer of Programs to OSRC
Coaching ,Safety, Athlete Assistance FAME Some Programs Wound Down

9 Fast Forward Conference-1995
Identified Key Issues Established the Sport Alliance Relationship with Gov. Redefined New Programs Developed Developed New Alliances Failure of Common Voice Many of the Same Issues Still Exist today

10 Canadian Sport Policy-2002
First Ever Intergovernmental Policy Enhanced Participation Enhanced Excellence Enhanced Capacity Enhanced Interaction All Jurisdictions Agreed on Framework

11 CSP- Continued New $ in Participation-8.8 million
Accountability Framework No $ for Facilities and Infrastructure Still a lot to do !

12 Active 2010 Ontario Government has a Clear Strategy
Action Plans and Targets Established Additional $ 1.5 Million for PSOs CIAF a key piece…$ 5.8 Million (05-06)

13 Active 2010 Con’t Ontario Trails Strategy (Oct.05 )
Youth Sports Promotion Campaign ( ) Government Only Strategy Divides Sport and Physical Activity

14 Ontario Sport Action Plan
Goals 17 Priorities Aligned with CSP pillars Designed to move sport forward in Ont. Steering Committee of Stakeholders A large inventory of Accomplishments Still a great deal to be done

15 Community Use of Schools
Very Positive Intervention by Government Invested $20 Million to Address Problem Allows access to school facilities at reasonable fees Some Boards not taking advantage

16 Federal-Provincial Bilaterals
Ontario’s “Sport for More” program Advance Goals of CSP and Active 2010 Target to Increase Participation Total of $6.1 Million over 4 years

17 Creation of New Ministry
Ministry of Health Promotion-June 2005 Sport on Government Agenda Capitalize on Synergies with Health Potential Coordination with Community Sport Needs to Position Itself Positive vehicle for Social and Community Development

18 Lottery for Sport Jan. 11 2006 - $2.5 Million in this fiscal
Focus in three areas Potential of $10 Million in 2006 Governments commitment to Sport May be some concern over gaming link

19 MHP Strategic Plan- Jan 2006
Roundtables for input New Ministry- clear direction Currently under revision Sport originally left off

20 PSO Consultation on CSP
Three Priorities were established on February 8. INFRASTRUCTURE PARTICIPATION DEVELOPMENT LTAD

21 So What ! There is a readiness to move the action plans forward.
This conference has been designed to build on what has already been done. Hopefully by the end of Sunday we will have some very clear responsibilities for collective action on agreed upon priorities.

22 Where to go from here? Over to Judy to take us through a two day process that will identify priorities and establish a series of task forces. Mechanisms for monitoring and reporting back to all stakeholders will also be put in place.

23 Ontario Sport Action Plan
The goals of the Ontario Sport Action Plan are: Enhanced Participation Enhanced Excellence Enhanced Capacity and Enhanced Interaction The OSAP has identified 17 priorities and 17 objectives in order to focus and work toward achieving the four goals.

24 Ontario Sport Action Plan

25 TASK 1: OSAP REVISITED Step 1 Begin with the Pillar assigned
Step 2 Review the Objectives, Achieved and Ongoing initiatives Step 3 Focus carefully on the Not Yet Initiated Step 4 Select a maximum of two or three items that meet the following criteria: I. Are a high priority for action within sport in Ontario II. Require collective action – cannot/should not be done by a single organization or agency III. Are realistic and manageable and with focused effort can be implemented within three years Step 5 Discuss your selected items until they are clear and can be described and written on the attached worksheet as: a. An outcome statement which identifies clearly what change we expect to see in whom, within three years b. A clear description of what the initiative is Step 6 Move on to the next Pillar of the Ontario Sport Action Plan

26 TASK 2: OSAP Building Momentum
Step 1 Review the Task 1 Worksheet and the input from the morning workgroups. Step 2 As a group select a maximum of three initiatives from the morning worksheets. Step 3 Break down the initiative into manageable activities/tasks and assign these to a lead organization. Step 4 Reflect on your initiative and brainstorm what may prevent us from accomplishing it. List these as barriers. Step 5 Brainstorm solutions or contingencies to overcome these barriers and record these on the worksheet. Step 6 During your group discussion, good ideas and points will come up that should be part of the instructions giving to those responsible for moving the initiative forward. Note anything that you have discussed that would help keep the momentum going.

27 Final Part of Task 2 Compete a task card for each of your initiatives including: Pillar Initiative Immediate Next Steps Lead Responsibility Post your initiatives on the wall under the appropriate pillar

28 Barriers and Solution

29 Vision of Ontario Sport Action Plan
By 2010 Ontario will be a prominent leader of sport development in Canada providing the opportunity for all Ontarians to achieve a level of enjoyment and excellence consistent with their abilities and aspirations. All Ontarians will be able to benefit from having access to quality experiences and development in sport, recreation and physical activities offered through a supportive and leading edge environment.

30 SAO Mission Statement The Sport Alliance of Ontario facilitates the mobilization of the sport community to develop a coordinated approach, create partnerships and connections that will enhance the sport experience.

31 Roles/Functions of SAO
Building Operations Service Delivery Administrative services such as mailing and courier, printing, employee health, benefits, IT, conference and catering Program Delivery High Quality Games, Awards (on behalf of MHP) Community Sport Network, KidSport

32 Enhanced Building Operations and Services
To provide quality facilities and customer-driven administrative services to provincial sport and recreation organizations to ensure that the sport and recreation community is supported in its endeavours.

33 Enhanced Participation
To assist in increasing the proportion of Ontarians from all segments of Society to become involved and maintain involvement in quality sport activities at all levels and all forms of participation

34 Enhanced Excellence To expand the number of Ontario athletes and teams achieving world-class results through fair and ethical means

35 Enhanced Interaction To assist in developing a more connected and coordinated sport system through the committed collaboration and communication amongst its stakeholders

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