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2 Recap – Module One and Two What are interface features?  Windows, Icons, Drop down menus, pointers What can you do in the control panel ? What two parts make up a filename ? The name and the extension i.e. - tableReports.xls How do you know what software has created a file?  The extension will indicate i.e..doc = word When creating file and folders – what should you do?  Make files and folders clear as to what they contain.  Set the permissions to limit what others can do i.e. read, write, edit What should you use when creating passwords?  A mix of letters, numbers, symbols and cases

3 Managing, Finding and Selecting information Lesson Aims and Objectives  File compression  manage storage areas  work safely and securely You will learn how to:  Compress files into a folder  Check for free storage  Take action against loss of information

4 File Compression Task : Discuss with person next to you what you found out about file compression. Demonstration of file compression Task – compress several documents and note its size before zipping and after. How much did it reduce in size? 10 mins Extension task : Extract compressed file.

5 Files and folders storage What can be used to store files and folders?  Memory sticks/drives  Hard drives  Cd’s  Dvd’s  SD cards  Cloud storage Task : Using the internet – find out how much the following can store:  Cd  Dvd  Largest hard drive 10 mins Extension task : Find two providers of cloud storage

6 Files and folders storage Monitoring storage  kilo = 2 10 = 1024 1 = 1024 bytes,  mega = 2 20 = 1024 2 = 1,048,576 bytes,  giga = 2 30 = 1024 3 = 1,073,741,824 bytes,  tera = 2 40 = 1024 4 = 1,099,511,627,776, Typical file sizes:  A song: between 4,000- 6,000 kb  A movie: around 2-3 gb  Word document 20 pages long with charts : 300kb How to check what size/storage Right click, properties will show file size or available space

7 Recap - File sizes and storage File sizes are important when emailing a document Storage is measure in kb, mb, gb and tb. Compression can be used to decrease file sizes All digital devices have some form of storage in them

8 Viruses and back up

9 How to prevent viruses Task – Discuss with a partner what you think computer viruses are and how they can be avoided. One member to feedback to the class Task – Using the internet find three different companies that provide virus protection. What do they offer ? 10 mins

10 Skill builder 1. Write a set of guidelines for minimising the risk of viruses. 2. Find out what anti-virus software is on your computer and how up to-date it is. 10 mins Extension task : What is a trojan?

11 Back ups Backing up your data is crucial – why ? How often should you back up ?

12 Recap- Viruses and backups Viruses can be spread by email, internet, networks and memory sticks. Ensure you have adequate protection, which is updated regularly. Whenever you start a new document, save it immediately in the correct location. Give your files and folders meaningful names so that you can identify them easily. Save your work regularly and use version numbers. Compress your files. Carry out housekeeping regularly and delete files no longer needed. Make back-ups and keep them in a different location. Never overwrite your only backup with the next version. If the system fails in the middle of the backup procedure, you will lose everything!

13 Skill Check - Module Two Managing Information create folders and subfolders move around a folder structure save a file in a folder select an appropriate file type copy, move and delete a file or folder change a file or folder name use passwords to protect files create a strong password make a file ‘read-only’ ‘zip’ and ‘un-zip’ files make backups what a virus is and how to protect a computer against virus attacks why it is important to keep anti-virus software up-to-date

14 Homework 1. time yourself how long it takes to write brief statements about:  two features of strong passwords  reasons to make a file read-only  the need to have back-ups. Share with me !


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