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Do Now: What do you need to make a cell phone?

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1 Do Now: What do you need to make a cell phone?

2 Neolithic: Living in settled communities
Hunters- gatherers stayed in one place as long as the food lasted Made storage bins for extra grain

3 Taming animals and sowing seeds
As people settled down, they learned from their environment Observed stages of growth noticed conditions Left some plants to re-seed for new-crops Learned about animal habits Drove away other animals Protected the herd People began to plant their own seed and keeping animals First evidence of domestication around BCE Animals appearance changed Depended on humans for survival

4 Farming as a way of life Domestication lead to agriculture Advantages: Raise more food Support more people Move to new regions Surplus could be traded or stored Occupations: Not everyone need to grow food Brought division of labor 4. People changed the environment and lifestyles Force wild animals out Plants and trees cut down

5 5. CHANGES Neolithic Era- used tools Lived in villages Made pottery
Weaving cloth and baskets Working with Metal

6 Vocabulary Neolithic: New Stone Age Shrine: places of worship
Self-Sufficient: able to do things alone Specialization of Labor: separate jobs Culture: a way of life Trade: the business of buying and selling or exchanging items.

7 Starting of Cities City of the Plain – UR (Sumer Mesopotamia)
Arose because of advances in agriculture and changes in society Irrigation brought water to crops Control when and how much water Prevents famine and starvation

8 Features of a city People work together – organized Leaders make rules Planning and building large public buildings People employed in different jobs Called specialization of lobar Different social groups Long distance trade

9 Early Civilization A complex society which has: Stable food supply
Specialization of labor System of government Social levels Highly developed culture

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