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North East Asia and Indian Culture

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1 North East Asia and Indian Culture
Dr Preeti Awasthi

2 World Culture - various forms

3 Culture of Asia Central Asia East Asia South Asia North Asia West Asia
South- East Asia


5 Ancient Cultures of the World
Culture of India Culture of China Culture of Korea Culture of Japan

6 Indian Culture Indus Valley Civization Vedic Age Buddhism


8 Introduction of Buddhism to China

9 Culture of China Major culture of Neolithic China.
Role of India in influencing the religion in China. Spread of Buddhism among the Chinese. Establishment of Buddhism in China. The development of Chinese Schools of Buddhism. Xuan-Zang’s pilgrimage to India. Further development of Buddhism in China.

10 Korea

11 Culture of KOREA A stronger partner of India in North- East Asia.
Spread of Buddhism in Korea. Period of suppression of Buddhism in Korea. Revival of Buddhism in Korea. Korea’s unique historical role of harmony between different religious and philosophical streams. Strong historical connections and shared common values.



14 Culture of Japan Introduction of Buddhism to Japan.
The Nara Period (8th century The Heian Period ( towards the end of 8th century) The Kamakura Period ( towards the 12th century) Japanese Buddhism Sects- a) The Jodo Shinshu Sect. b) The Nichiren Sect. c) The Zen Sect. Buddhism from the 16th to 19th century. Development in the present century.

15 a)Nekomatas - cats with two tails and having magical powers. *INDIA
Description of magical creatures , flora and fauna in the North- East Asian cultures. JAPAN a)Nekomatas - cats with two tails and having magical powers. *INDIA b) Pishachas – haunting the cremation grounds to eat half burnt human corpses.

16 Magical creatures in Indian mythology

17 North – East Asian Literature
INDIA- Kalidasa, Panini, Shudraka, bhasa,Sri Harsha and Jayadeva. CHINA- Li bai. JAPAN- Murasaki Shikibu, Matsuo Basho and Kobayashi Issa.

18 Indian Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy

19 China and India - Related yet different civilization.

20 Thank You

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