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Michael Leworthy Senior Product Manager Windows Server & Management.

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1 Michael Leworthy Senior Product Manager Windows Server & Management

2 Deliver Best-in-Class Hybrid IT Cloud Optimize Every Business Hybrid Support & the Commons First-party Applications Total Cost of Ownership PrivateDifferentiation Hybrid Support & the Commons First-party Applications Higher-level Services Public

3 Need to efficiently manage my infrastructure Need to keep my systems available Need to reduce infrastructure cost Want to use open source tools Need a scalable web platform Need to support “next generation” cloud applications Need to support a remote and modern workforce Need to meet regulatory compliance Need to better manage and administer identities Need to scale workloads Need a secure cloud platform Cloud needs to be cost effective

4 Windows Server 2012: Cloud Optimize Your IT The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One Modern Workstyle, Enabled Every App, Any Cloud Beyond Virtualization

5 Build Your Private Cloud, offer Private Cloud Services, or Securely Connect to Public Cloud Services Complete Virtualization Platform Network virtualization Live storage migration Multi-tenancy NIC teaming Increased Scalability and Performance 160 logical processors 32 virtual processors Virtual fiber channel Offloaded data transfer Connect to Cloud Services Hyper-V replica Cross-premise connectivity IP address mobility Cloud backup

6 Beyond Virtualization Complete Virtualization Platform Multitenant security and isolation: Provide secure separation of resources in your data center as needed for each customer or department Scale beyond VLANs with Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Build multitenant networks efficiently; move or deploy workloads without changing network configurations or reconfiguring physical networks Quality of Service: Guarantee minimum services bandwidth while maximizing network throughput Delivering a fully isolated, multitenant environment that includes tools to guarantee SLAs, enable chargebacks, and support self-service delivery

7 Beyond Virtualization Increase Scalability and Performance Delivering a high-density, scalable environment that can be adapted to perform at the optimum level based on customer needs Virtual Fibre Channel in Hyper-V: Connect to Fibre Channel storage from within a virtual machine Offloaded Data Transfer support in Hyper-V: Use storage faster and more efficiently Hyper-V host scale and scale-up workload support: Scale Hyper-V hosts up to 160 logical processors and 2 terabytes of memory; scale guests up to 32 virtual processors and 1 TB of memory (all numbers based on Beta release)

8 Scale Enhancements Beyond Virtualization

9 Connect to Cloud Services Common identity and management framework for secure and reliable cross-premises connectivity Hyper-V Replica: Replicate virtual machines between storage systems, clusters, and data centers in two sites to provide business continuity and disaster recovery, with just a few clicks Identity federation with AD FS: Allows for a common identity framework between on-premise and cloud Cross-premises connectivity: Secure connectivity from an on-premises server to the cloud

10 Beyond Virtualization DEMO

11 The Most Efficient, Continuously Available and Manageable Windows Server The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One Management Efficiency >2500 PowerShell commands Remote server admin Knowledge sharing Multi-machine management Cost Efficiency Storage spaces Thin provisioning Data deduplication Multi-protocol support Continuous Availability SMB transparent failover Automated cluster patching Online file system repairs Automatic load balancing

12 Continuous Availability The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One Providing affordable, high IT service uptime designed to protect your environment and endure failures transparently Network availability with Windows NIC Teaming: In-the- box network fault tolerance using at least one network adapter from any vendor Virtual machine live storage migration: Move the virtual hard disks of running virtual machines to a different storage location with no downtime Transparent failover: Transparent failover lets file shares fail over to another cluster node without interrupting server applications that are accessing data on them

13 Cost Efficiency The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One High-performance, continuously available file share storage for server applications: Store application data on inexpensive, easy-to-manage file shares and obtain nearly the same benefits you would expect from a SAN Storage Spaces: Confidently deploy very highly available and scalable storage infrastructure at a significantly lower cost Support for thin provisioning and trim: Get optimal storage use and maximize the benefits of sophisticated storage infrastructure Leveraging commodity storage, networking, and server infrastructure as well as increased power efficiency for superior acquisition and operating economics of the platform

14 Cost Efficiency The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One Multi-server management and feature deployment with Server Manager: New features in Server Manager simplify the processes of configuring new servers, deploying roles and features to Windows Server and offline virtual hard disks, and managing multiple-server environments Resilient and simple automation with Windows PowerShell 3.0: Establish resilient command-line sessions to remote servers with improved cmdlet discovery and simplified syntax to manage every aspect of your data center Broader automation of common management tasks and a path toward full lights-out automation

15 The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One DEMO

16 Open Application and Web Platform for the Datacenter and the Cloud Every App, Any Cloud Open Open source software support Multi-languages support Scalable & Elastic In-memory distributed caching Pub/sub messaging Multi-tenant, high- density web sites Flexible Virtual machine portability Hybrid applications Common development tools

17 Flexible Every App, Any Cloud Enables symmetrical or hybrid applications between the datacenter and the cloud Programming symmetry between on-premises and the cloud: Provides the ability to use the same development model between WS8 and Windows Azure. Common development tools: Visual Studio and TFS provide a rich development experience and offers to.NET developer a complete environment to build cloud and on- premise applications. Enable hybrid applications: Technologies such as Service Bus, Azure Connect, and VM portability enable hybrid applications that work on-premises and in the cloud

18 Scalable and Elastic Every App, Any Cloud In-memory distributed caching: Distributes its work across multiple machines and gives a logical view of a single cache that can grow in size and transactional capacity. Pub/sub messaging, integration and workflow technologies: Enable building loosely coupled applications that are easy to scale both on and between Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure Multi-tenant high-density web sites: Provides a hosting- friendly web server platform with FTP logon attempt restriction and improved site density, centralized SSL certificate support, server name indication (SNI) Provides frameworks, services and tools to increase scalability and elasticity for multi-tenant-enabled applications. Improves web site density and efficiency, while enabling service providers to better build, provision and manage a hosting environment.

19 Open Every App, Any Cloud Multi-languages support: Enables developers to use their favorite languages. They can choose freely from supported programming languages such as.NET, PHP, Node.js and Python Open source software support: Allows developers to jumpstart their development by using a rich set of OSS applications available trough the Web Application Gallery Support for HTML5 and WebSocket protocol: Add real- time, two-way communications to your web applications Enables mission-critical applications and enhanced support for open standards, open source applications and various development languages.

20 Every App, Any Cloud DEMO

21 Secure Access to Your Personalized Work Environment From Anywhere Modern Workstyle, Enabled Enhanced Security & Compliance Claims-based file access Centralized access and audit Simplified DirectAccess Full Windows Experience RemoteFX for WAN RemoteFX Multi Touch User VHDs Anywhere Access, Any Device Remote sessions, VDI or apps USB device support Simplified VDI Management

22 Access virtually anywhere, any device Modern Workstyle, Enabled Enables seamless, always-on access to a virtualized work environment from virtually anywhere, including branch locations and public connectivity services Remote Access: Makes it easier to set up and manage DirectAccess and traditional VPNs Remote Desktop Services: Simplified and more cost- effective deployment and management of VDI and session- based desktops and applications BranchCache: Enterprise- and cloud-ready branch office solution with better performance, better management, and increased scale

23 Full Windows Experience Modern Workstyle, Enabled Enables a personalized and rich user experience from virtually any device while adapting to different network conditions quickly and responsively RemoteFX for WAN: Improves user experience over networks with bandwidth or latency constraints User Profile Disk: Stores user personalization and application cache data on a virtual hard disk to maintain data across logons USB support for RDS sessions: Adds broad, seamless USB device support for session-based desktops in your Remote Desktop deployment

24 Enhanced Data Security and Compliance Modern Workstyle, Enabled Central access policies to apply safety net policies: Define who can access what information within the organization Central audit policies for compliance reporting and forensic analysis: Identify who accessed highly sensitive information Automatic Rights Management Services (RMS) encryption for sensitive documents: Configure RMS to encrypt documents containing sensitive information Offers granular access to data and corporate resources based on strong identity and device security status, as well as simplified configuration and administration for remote access

25 Modern Workstyle, Enabled DEMO

26 “Microsoft has grasped the fundamental truth about the transition to cloud.” “[Windows Server 2012] Benefits from Lessons Learned With Azure… Microsoft’s experience running Azure played heavily into the new server's design.” Windows Server 2012: “Takes your breath away… Features will be a boon for enterprises creating private clouds.” “Nothing from Microsoft, and I mean literally nothing has ever been this ambitious.”

27 32 virtual processors per VM 1TB virtual machine memory New 64TB VHDX format Native 4k disk support Hyper-V Replica Hyper-V virtual fiber channel Live storage migration Windows NIC teaming Concurrent live migration Support for AES/NI Support for up to 64 nodes per cluster Support for 4000 VMs per cluster Hyper-V support for up to 2 TB of physical memory Hyper-V intelligent second level paging Live VHD merge Cluster shared volumes v2 SMB 2 Support RDMA support in SMB Scale-out file server Multi-channel SMB SRIOV Networking Thousands of PowerShell commands Virtual NIC monitor mode Rest APIs for PowerShell commands 150 Hyper-V PowerShell commands Storage PowerShell Network PowerShell Multi-Tenancy, Port ACLs / Firewall Storage metering Storage Spaces SMI-S support inbox Virtual NUMA support CPU metering Network metering Memory metering RemoteFX 3D graphics remoting Touch remoting USB remoting VDI Guest Application Health Monitoring VM Hardware Error Isolation VM Failover Prioritization Trusted boot support Removable Shell & IE Enables roles in VHDs Offline Multi-machine management protocol Integrated workflows and PowerShell … Windows Server 2012

28 Access Digital MMS to view session recordings after the event.



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