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Opportunities in SV Get the most out of your life here!

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1 Opportunities in SV Get the most out of your life here!

2 Ideas for stuff you can do Club projects for clients Club internal projects Creative projects Service-orientated projects Others

3 Club projects for clients

4 Gain experience working with clients and deadlines Get your video screened! May have some pay / CIP hours Coordinator: Alvin

5 MAF Video MAF video (rigorous but worth it) Timeline: Liaising starts in June / July, filming of preparation process in August, screening on actual day + Filming on actual day to be added in for Director’s Cut Posts offered: project IC (director), filming coordination IC, chief video editor

6 Club internal projects

7 We need people to come out with: –New website / blog (design + coding) –T-shirt design Coordinator: Alvin, Wu Dan

8 T-shirt design (2007) Design by Wu Dan

9 Club blog design (“touched up” in 2007)

10 Creative projects

11 Create a short film, on themes or ideas of your own (explore your passions and ideas) Work with friends Have your work screened to the rest of the club and submitted for competitions! Consult seniors for guidance Resources (eg. cameras) can be borrowed out from the club (approach Ji Nan) Coordinator: Alvin, Leon, Zhu Chuan

12 Sources of inspiration? Singapore Shorts (borrow from Zhu Chuan) Your senior’s work!

13 Service-orientated projects

14 Video-editing for Project Coast-2-Coast Video-editing for West Coast Constituency CIP hours awarded for both External contact (for both) Grace: 81131783 Drop them an email for more information / if you are interested (you can confirm your participation afterwards) But act quickly (projects closing soon) Please commit to it once you have signed up (school image)

15 Others

16 MezMedia Internship –Coordinator: Leon iStockVideo/Photo –Go onto for more information –You will get paid for submissions of video clips (esp. HD clips – Loan out HD Camera from Art Department)

17 Thinkquest Approach Ji Nan and discuss about your potential participation (up to her as places are limited) Will need to be able to commit until April

18 So what do I do?

19 Be proactive! There are plenty of opportunities to explore and develop your potential Not compulsory, but highly encouraged You can take multiple projects, but don’t overburden yourself Approach the relevant senior if you are interested (this ppt will be emailed to you) Ask any senior to direct you to the relevant senior if you don’t know who he/she is

20 So what are you waiting for? Explore your passions and ideas, and build up your portfolio today! You reap what you sow!

21 Remaining weeks of term 1 Idea generation (today) Cinematography (weeks 8/9) & Camera handling Video editing (weeks 9/10) EXCO application briefing (week 10) Core skills

22 Term 2 Training Schedule Monday: Official training –But break up into your interested project areas; specialisation –You can use the time to work on your SV projects / consult your seniors Thursday: Film screening –Optional, but highly recommended

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