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Internet and e-mail Phil Youngman.

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1 Internet and Phil Youngman

2 Aims To Understand how Copyright effects using the Internet
To be aware of how other Laws effect your use of the Internet

3 Objectives By the end of the session you will be able to:
To explain how copyright effects what you can and cannot do when using the Internet To explain how other laws effect your use of the Internet

4 Copyright Copyright means that People who create “Materials” own them, provided they are Original. “Materials” are music, video, film, photographs, artwork and written work. Copyright is automatic. No registration is required. Copyright does not apply to ideas. These have to be registered with the Patents Office.

5 Copyright - Continued Some Material on the Web can be downloaded for a fee. (For example much music is sold) Most Material on the Web is free to access for personal uses. Most material cannot be used any other purpose. The terms and conditions of a website will tell you if you can reuse the materials. If in doubt, seek permission.

6 Other Laws Some of the other laws which affect using the Internet are:
The Data Protection Act 1998 The Defamation Act 1996 The Criminal Justice Act 1988 The Computer Misuse Act 1990 The Fraud Act 2007

7 Data Protection Act The DPA ensures that personal details stored on a computer are kept private. Companies or people who do not take adequate precautions to protect personal information can be prosecuted.

8 Two types of defamation:
Deformation is: A derogatory statement intended to injure a person's business or reputation. Two types of defamation: Libel is published Slander is spoken.

9 Criminal Justice Act This act updates a number of laws so that they apply to the Internet. For example it amends the Obscene Publications Act - people uploading obscene pictures or making obscene remarks can be prosecuted.

10 Computer Misuse Act This law is used to prosecute people (hackers) who illegally gain access to computers to steal, alter or delete data People who create computer viruses are also prosecuted under this act

11 The Fraud Act Protects people against internet fraud.
Criminals may pretend to be banks or other legitimate businesses and ask for your PIN number (Known as Phishing)

12 Office of Fair Trading If you think you have been defrauded or need advice: Ring the OFT - Consumer Direct Advice given is free Or visit

13 Citizens Advice Bureau
To find out more: Fraud on the Internet - Advice Guide at Buying on Internet Auction Sites at The Web Addresses are in the Handout

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