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Macbeth Act 1 Sc 5 Lady Macbeth reads letter from Macbeth.

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1 Macbeth Act 1 Sc 5 Lady Macbeth reads letter from Macbeth

2 Why did Macbeth write the letter? So that Lady Macbeth would be able to enjoy the good news as soon as possible

3 Lady Macbeth is worried that her husband because he is: ”too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness”. What does she mean? He is too full of compassion and decency

4 What does she mean when she talks of “The nearest way”? The quickest way - To murder the king. Don’t wait - act immediately

5 She knows her husband is ambitious but fears he lacks the necessary “illness”. What is that? evil

6 Why does she long for him to come home quickly? (2 reasons ) “I may pour my spirits in thine ears” she can whisper her ideas to him “chastise with the valour of my tongue / all that impedes thee” She can persuade him to do what he’s too frightened to do Colloquially = whip him into shape with her tongue

7 What news surprises her? The king is coming to spend the night at their castle

8 What words suggest she is planning to kill King Duncan? “the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements” Fatal … deadly

9 What 5 things does she pray the evil spirits will do? Unsex her – take away all her feminine qualities Fill her from top to toe with “direst cruelties” ( Worst types of cruelty) “thicken” her blood so the she becomes hard and insensitive

10 Prevent her from having or showing any compassion and decency Take the milk from her breasts and replace it with poison – replace any motherly, tender instincts with evil

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