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Male Reproductive System

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1 Male Reproductive System

2 What’s the purpose? To produce sperm and deliver it to the female reproductive system. In other words, to make a baby!

3 What does it look like?

4 PENIS What does it do? 1. allows passage of urine;
2. allows passage of semen; 3. provides sensation (has many nerve endings) ***Urine or sperm passes through the penis in a small tube called the urethra.


6 FORESKIN Foreskin is the skin covering on the tip of the penis. It is a parent’s choice to remove the foreskin or keep it on. It is completely normal either way.

7 SCROTUM Skin covered sac that hangs from body What it does:
1. Holds testicles 2. Regulates temperature of testicles Brings the testicles closer to the body when cold Drops the testicles lower when warm 3. Provides sensation

8 TESTICLES What does it do: 1. Produces SPERM 2. Produces TESTOSTERONE

9 TESTOSTERONE 1. Facial and body hair to grow 2. Deepening of voice
Testosterone causes: 1. Facial and body hair to grow 2. Deepening of voice 3. Broadening of shoulders 4. Influences sperm production


11 SPERM Males produce MILLIONS per day Contain genetic codes

12 EPIDIDYMIS What it does: 1. Sperm complete Development (mature)
2. Stores sperm It takes sperm about 4 to 6 weeks to travel through the epididymis.

13 VAS DEFERENS What it does: Long tube that allows passage of sperm
As sperm move through, sperm mixes with fluids from: 1. SEMINAL VESICLES 2. PROSTATE GLAND 3. COWPER’S GLAND In order to make SEMEN!


15 SEMINAL VESICLES Provides thick secretions (fluid) that:
1. Nourish Sperm 2. Help sperm move easier Found near the base of the bladder

16 PROSTATE GLAND Secretes thin, milky fluid that:
1. Adds to sperms mobility and 2. Protects sperm from acid in female reproductive system

17 COWPER’S GLAND Also known as Bulbourethral (Bulb-o-urethral) Glands
Provides CLEAR fluid that: Cleanses urethra of acid to protect sperm

18 Testicular Self Exams Perform after a shower when scrotum is relaxed
1. Stand in front of mirror with penis out of way 2. Examine testicles. Hold each testicle between thumbs and fingers, rolling gently between fingers.


20 Testicular Self Exams, cont.
3. Look and feel for any lumps or changes in size or shape (might feel like grain of rice or hard lump) 4. Contact doctor if you notice anything that seems abnormal


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