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- Old Business - New Business - “Ask Sarah” - Main Topic: Libraries & Teaching.

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1 - Old Business - New Business - “Ask Sarah” - Main Topic: Libraries & Teaching

2 One-On-One Meetings Who has not had their one-on-one meeting? We still need pictures of some of you…

3 Potluck @ The Fly!

4 Penny’s Potluck/Iron Chef

5 Fundraising & NO/AIDS Walk! We raised $568.00!!!

6 Rebuild Together New Orleans! Another opportunity to go on October 8 th !!

7 My Rules to Teaching robyn correll // peru ’08-’10

8 #1 Don’t teach.


10 #2 Do something.


12 #3 Play.


14 #4 Make it look like an accident.

15 #5 Have something to show for it.


17 …and I guess one more.

18 General Advice on Teaching (Health and Non-Health Topics) Teaching in Moldova

19 Target Populations Kindergarten kids Elementary School kids Youth/High School kids Reproductive Age Adults Teachers Community Leaders Parents Grandparents Nurses

20 Sustainability Plan Plan Plan Write everything down Stay organized DO EVERYTHING with a Partner (Host Country National) School Teacher, Nurse, Community Leader, Students Let the idea come from them…Very Important! Use what you have

21 Things to Teach and Places to Teach Sex Education Classes Family Planning Start a women’s groups Community Health Seminars Do a needs assessment Creative Problem Solving Computer/Typing Classes English Parents Meeting Any important issues Community Leaders How to engage the community

22 Teaching Hints Positive reinforcement Listen to others Use all learning styles- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (VAK) Make goals and objectives Always ask for and give feedback Be sure you acknowledge the KSAs – Knowledge Skills and Attitudes for Behavior Change Monitor and Evaluate Discipline Ask Why…why? Critical thinking and why it is critical

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