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Green Infrastructure, Public Health & Finance

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1 Green Infrastructure, Public Health & Finance
March 8, 2012 Candace Chandra

2 What is Green Infrastructure?
Green infrastructure is strategically planned and managed networks of natural lands, working landscapes and other open spaces that conserve ecosystem values and functions and provide associated benefits to human populations.

3 How Does Green Infrastructure Benefit the Environment?
Reduced and Delayed Stormwater Runoff Volumes Enhanced Groundwater Recharge Stormwater Pollutant Reductions Reduced Sewer Overflow Events Increased Carbon Sequestration Urban Heat Island Mitigation and Reduced Energy Demands 

4 What is Missing? Introductory video

5 How Does Green Infrastructure Benefit Public Health?
Improved Air and Water Quality Additional Wildlife Habitat and Recreational Space Redirection of toxins Management of Infectious Species Creation of Green Spaces for Food and Social Well-Being (nature deficit disorder-Richard Louv)

6 What Does Green Infrastructure Look Like?
Green infrastructure encompasses a wide variety of natural and restored native ecosystems and landscape features that make up a system of “hubs” and “links.”

7 Hubs & Links Hubs Links Reserves Manage native landscapes
Working lands-brownfields Regional parks and preserves Lakes, aquifers, oceans Urban areas Landscape linkages Conservation corridors Greenways and waterways Greenbelts Ecobelts Green roofs

8 The 10 Green Sectors that are attracting investments
Energy Efficiency Technologies Recycling technologies Green Building Materials Water Resources Conservation  Natural Resource Banking Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Waste to Energy Cleantech Marketing Companies and Websites Watershed Investment Funds Environmental Services Utilities

9 Impact of risks related to the water-food-energy nexus (non exhaustive)
Impacts Direct Impacts Indirect Impacts Impact on governments - Stagnation in economic development - Political Unrest - Cost of emergency food relief - Significantly reduced agricultural yields - Threats to energy security - Increased social cost linked to employment and income loss as agriculture is negatively effected - National security risks/ conflict over natural resources Impact on society/populations - Increased levels of hunger and poverty - Increased environmental degradation - Severe food and water shortages - Social unrest - Food price spikes - Migration pressures - Irreparably damaged water sources - Loss of livelihoods Impact on business - Export constraints - Increased resource prices - Commodity price volatility - Lost investment opportunities

10 Infrastructure Stakeholders Involved in Green Infrastructure
Infrastructure Protection Business Continuity & Resilience Governance Innovation and Quality Planning Community Information Sharing Technology Shareholder Value Government Continuity & Resilience Safety Protection & Response Federal Private Sector State & Local

11 Waste to Energy

12 How are we different? We see wastewater as a resource than a liability
Focus on re-use of water at many different levels and not just clean drinking water

13 Utility Enabled Financing and Repayment Model
Customer wants to save money on utility bill $$$$$ Utility determines best upgrade package that can be financed out of projected savings Utility oversees efficiency upgrades at no upfront cost to customer As part of utility service, the meter is assigned a fixed monthly charge to pay off the upgrade

14 Performance Metrics, not “maybes” can be written into a PPP contract as guarantees
Customer Service Customer satisfaction surveys Incoming calls answered rates Emergency response rate Billing accuracy, meter reading Water Quality Meet/exceed all water quality standards Meet specific criteria for constituents in water Reduce taste and odour issues Volume and type of tests Source: Veolia Water Operations SOPs, technical and process plans Reliability centered maintainence Main breaks Hydrant repair Capital Projects Execution of specified capital asset replacement and projects Investments stay local Community involvement Specific programs and citizen advisory council

15 How to Invest in Water: “The Great Untold Story”
A crisis and an opportunity: Must see video! – Nov 2011

16 The Challenge for Public Health
Build public infrastructure with health at forefront RETHINK the physical infrastructure (reference Rob Dunn’s book-UNC Chapel Hill) Bring data to finance (both public and private) Integrate with Natural Resource movement (see UNEP Finance Initiative)

17 Videos Practical application video - Smart Green Infrastructure: How To Grow Sustainable Cities

18 Contact Info AQEX LLC 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 4th Floor East Washington, DC Tel:

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