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3-day excursion to Yambol and Yambol region.. Visit to : - The cave “Drunchi dupka” - Thracian stone tombs -T-The monastery “Holly Trinity” Lunch: - The.

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1 3-day excursion to Yambol and Yambol region.

2 Visit to : - The cave “Drunchi dupka” - Thracian stone tombs -T-The monastery “Holly Trinity” Lunch: - The house “Tundzha” Departure to Yambol and accommodation - Hotel complex “Kabile” - in the evening - billiards, bingo, casino, cinema;

3 In the morning: Breakfast at the hotel -V-Visit to the ancient settlement of Kabile near Yambol -V-Visit to the Museum of History in Yambol Lunch: - Restaurant “Kapri”, pizzaria “Nostos” In the afternoon: pedestrian walk in the town - Bezisten - Eski Mosque - planetarium - town’s park - Boat trip along the mid-waters of the river Tundzha - Formal dinner - Night club or disco bar (“Grand”, “Angels”, “Karamel”)

4 In the morning: - Breakfast at the hotel - Shopping time (“Kaufland”, “Sara”, “Vilton”) - Visit to the park of Bakadzhik: - The temple of St. Alexander Nevski - Picnic in the forest In the afternoon: - departure

5 In the price of the package is included: - Travel expenses; - A- Accommodation + breakfast; - F- Formal dinner; - Life insurance.

6 The cave “DRUNCHI DUPKA” It is located on the land of the village of Melnitsa. Protected natural zone with original Karst formations of the field. Very close to the cave is the chapel of the Holy Virgin built on a curative spring.

7 The monastery of the Holy Trinity – also famous as Vakufski monastery situated in the mountain of Sakar, 10 km to the west from the town of Topolovgrad. The monastery is famous for being one of the centers of the haidouks in Bulgaria. According to one of the legends it was created by the leader Hristo, who was operating in the region of Sakar Mountain. There are old buildings preserved in the monastery complex: the church, cook-house, monastery building, farm buildings. In the church there are valuable pieces of national revival art and beneath the sanctuary there is a hiding-place, where many Bulgarian haidouks and leaders found a place to hide themselves. The monastery is a monument of culture.

8 The house is situated 56 km away from Yambol to the south, 3 km away from the village of Srem to the north and close to the towns of Elhovo and Topolovgrad. It is surrounded by beautiful forest next to the river Tundzha, in the defile of Srem and at the foot of the Sakar mountain. The area is rich in flora and fauna species, natural and artificial water basins, which turns it attractive for hunting and fishing tourism.

9 Hotel complex “Kabile” Situated in the city centre and named after the Phrygian goddess Cybele the hotel has 8 single rooms, 41 double-bed rooms, 7 suites and 1 VIP suite. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, cable TV, mini- bar, internet, telephone, air- condition and luxury bathrooms. In the elegant and cozy environment of the luxurious restaurant one could taste various dishes and drinks. The hotels also has a spa centre, offering variety of procedures and massages, bodybuilding, sauna, solarium. For those of you who enjoy night life parties, Budoar night club offers you endless fun. In the shopping centre of the hotel you could see and find various goods – clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc.

10 THE ANCIENT TOWN OF KABILE – it is located 8 km north-west away from Yambol. Since 1972 there are regular archeological excavations and one could explore the ruins of Kabile – one of the most significant and biggest towns in ancient Thracia, established in ІV century before A.D. and existed until the Middle Ages. Found and exhibited are: a sanctuary and parts of fortress walls with a door from the Hellenic times, fortified army camp with adjacent public buildings and barracks from Roman times, a Roman bathroom, two early Christian basilicas, one of which with multi-colored floor mosaics, and many other remnants from the antique town. The archeological reserve has its own museum where there is an on-going exhibition showing the historical development of the ancient town. One of the legends for its establishment is very interesting – it was a town, where thieves, prostitutes and all other strangers were sent…

11 The Museum of History in Yambol – established in 1952. There are 50 000 preserved interesting and unique objects showing the historical development along the Tundzha river from ancient times until nowadays. On the first floor are exhibited finds from the prehistory, antiquity and middle ages. On the second floor is the exhibition “Clothes and tradition of the people from Yambol since ХІХ and the beginning of ХХ centuries”. The most famous calendar and family traditions and customs are visualized like traditional clothing, custom costumes, kukerski masks and urban clothes.

12 Bezisten – built in the centre of the town in the XV century. It is one of the ten in Europe and is a symbol of the town. The Bezisten of Yambol is the only one of this type in Bulgaria. Eski mosque – this is the oldest mosque Ebu Bekir built in 1413 and one of the first operating in Bulgaria.

13 The town’s park – situated on an island of the river Tundzha, 3-rd in territory on the Balkans.

14 Bakadzhika – the park is woody oval-shaped hills, with crystal air and nice places for recreation and tourism. The church “St. Alexander Nevski” – the first church-monument of the Russian-Bulgarian fighting amity built in Bulgaria. It was established in 1884. In the church one could see engraved cross and gospel donated by the general Skobelev, the iconostasis made by Russian monks, the gonfalons and icons delivered by the monastery of Kiev and Pechor and the famous cherished roll of honour of 462 Russian soldiers and 449 Bulgarian volunteers perished in the Liberation War.

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