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Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

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1 Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
By: William Stephens

2 Natural Erosion Example 1
WHAT: A fallen tree in the water WHERE: In the Chattahoochee River HOW: Moving water eroded the ground around the tree

3 Natural Erosion Example 2
WHAT: Collapsed area on the river bank WHERE: On the Chattahoochee River HOW: Falling rain eroded the edge of the bank until the edge collapsed

4 Erosion Caused by Man Example 1
WHAT: A pipe near a lake WHERE: My neighborhood HOW: The pipe dumps water and erodes the land around it

5 Erosion Caused by Man Example 2
WHAT: A low muddy area WHERE: My backyard HOW: When the house was built, the backyard was sloped in a way that causes water to flow there and deposit mud

6 Deposition of Sediments Example 1
WHAT: Deposition in my creek. WHERE: In my backyard. HOW: The flow of the creek makes sediment come with it, then the sediment gets jammed in cracks.

7 Deposition of Sediments Example 2
WHAT: Sediment in a lake WHERE: In my neighborhood HOW: Rain washes dirt into the lake

8 Weathering of Rock Example 1
WHAT: cracked sidewalk WHERE: in my neighborhood HOW: when it’s cold, rain freezes, expands, and breaks the rock apart

9 Weathering of Rock Example 2
WHAT: cracked rock WHERE: in my backyard HOW: plant roots broke the rock apart

10 Erosion Slowed by Man Example 1
WHAT: Railroad ties (pieces of wood) WHERE: In my yard HOW: The wood prevents the soil and mulch up top from eroding down the hill

11 Erosion Slowed by Man Example 2
WHAT: A drain WHERE: In the very back of my backyard HOW: Rain goes in here instead of going through my yard and eroding it

12 The End! 

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