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Scientific Literacy Evaluating Statements as Scientific.

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1 Scientific Literacy Evaluating Statements as Scientific

2 Academic Content Standards Scientific Ways of Knowing Benchmark D: Recognize that scientific literacy is part of being a knowledgeable citizen

3 Academic Content Standards Scientific Ways of Knowing Benchmark A: Explain that scientific knowledge must be based on evidence, be predictive, logical, subject to modification and limited to the natural world

4 Paranormal Phenomena

5 Do you believe in ghosts? Bigfoot? Alien abductions? If you said yes to any of these, you're not alone. Many people hold beliefs about the existence of paranormal phenomona. However, many of these things cannot and have not been supported by scientific evidence. Though many people (even well respected people) claim that science can prove the existence of the phenomena, many of their arguments fall flat in the face of critical thinking. While certainly there is nothing wrong in believing in these things, its important to distinguish what science is and how it is used to discover patterns and knowledge about the world around us. Science is based on natural and predictable phenomena that can be tested. Beware of claims made by "pseudoscientists". Watch this video on "Evidence of Yeti".....What do you think?

6 Messin’ with Sasquatch

7 Paranormal Phenomena jq_evidence-of-yetiy_animals jq_evidence-of-yetiy_animals Science is limited to studying only the problems of the natural world that can be understood by using the processes of science.

8 Six Rules to Analyzing Statements as Scientific 1. Consistency 2. Observability 3. Natural 4. Predictability 5. Testability 6. Tentativeness

9 Consistency The results of repeated observations and experiments are the same when tested by scientists

10 Observability The event or evidence of the event can be observed and studied using the five senses The event must be able to be reproduced under controlled conditions

11 Natural A natural cause must be used to explain why the event happened

12 Predictability The natural cause of the event can be used to make a prediction

13 Testability The natural cause of the event must be testable using the scientific method

14 Tentativeness Scientific theories are subject to correction and revision

15 References de_to_critical_thinking/ de_to_critical_thinking/ mal/ mal/ ets/paranormal.html ets/paranormal.html ns/conptt.pdf ns/conptt.pdf

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