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2 agenda Introduction Mission Statement/Vision Core Values
Agency Accomplishments Program Components/Model Public Health Foundation Enterprise (PHFE) San Bernardino Re-Entry Collaborative

3 Mission Statement & vision
Aztecs Rising promotes peace, self-sufficiency and quality of life for youth, adults and families through gang intervention, violence prevention, case management and job readiness services. Aztecs Rising seeks to break the cycle of violence in the community so that future generations can succeed. Through its innovative programs, Aztecs Rising helps youth and adults become successful, contributing members of their community. While similar in approach, each program of Aztecs Rising works with a unique population and our programs cooperatively work together to provide the best possible services to clients.

4 Core Values Optimal health of the population is in everyone’s best interest The innovative and flexible solutions PHFE provides to our partners enables them to improve the health and well-being of our communities. We must model excellence and the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all we do The shared mission embodied in PHFE’s collaborations will serve as a blueprint for 21st Century public health.

5 Agency accomplishments
Aztecs Fire Fuels Front Country Fire Crew 6 & Big Horn Crew 2 (San Bernardino) Jr. Aztec Fire Fuels Program (Rehabilitated over 1200 youth) LA Bridges II Gang Intervention Programs Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) Rehabilitation of over 1500 young men and woman Huge proponent of public safety Awarded the Hallmark Hero Reward, featured in The American Latino Show, and elected to be a part of the United States Peace Delegation.

6 Aztecs Rising Fire Crew

7 Aztecs fire fuels in action

8 Programs components Aztecs Rising
Fire Fuels Aztecs Fire Fuels Crew SBC Big Horn Crew 2 Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. (PHFE) GRYD Projects Cypress Park/ Northeast GRYD Rampart GRYD Project N. Hollenbeck GRYD Project Belmont non-GRYD project Workshop/Other Projects Youth Policy Institute Kaiser Permanente San Gabriel Valley Care Program Junior Aztecs Program Hollywood Junior Aztec Program

9 Program Model two-fold approach
Community Intervention Resource Team (CIRT) Community-Based Gang Intervention: violence interruption and crisis response. 24/7 crisis response team: Responds to gang related incidents as a team. Logs and files incidents Direct services to the individuals. Referrals made to Family case management. Family Case Management Individualized Service Provisions: With case management wrap around services. Counseling Mentoring Job Readiness workshops and placement Life Skills Workshops Referrals

10 Public Health Foundation Enterprises, inc.
Who is PHFE How PHFE and Aztecs rising works together How PHFE can help your organization For Questions Please contact Mr. Giancarlo Cosavalente at or (562)

11 San Bernardino re-entry collaborative
Mission Vision Values The SBCRC is a partnership of agencies, organizations and individuals committed to making our communities safer through the successful reentry and long-term success of the formerly incarcerated. The SBCRC connects individuals seeking change, before and after release, to services needed to ensure a balanced and successful reentry thereby interrupting the cycle of offending and reoffending. The SBCRC offers a responsive resource network that provides seamless services to formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to ensure the safety and health of former incarcerated individuals and our communities. Respect Dignity 3. Long-term sustainable change 4. Safety for people and communities.

12 How can we help? Aztecs Rising can help reduce recidivism by offering the two-fold approach of Community Gang Intervention/Outreach as well as Family Case Management Wrap around services. *Recruitment of community members that can qualify for the role of outreach. *Brush Clearance/ Weed abatement contracts with local, private, or government agencies. *Tattoo Removal Program *Fire Training and placement for emergency on-call fire fighters. Case manager develops relationships with re-entry individuals by assessing for services 3 months prior to release. Aztecs Rising professionals can help address the public health, public safety, and social concerns associated with the re-entry population. Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals point in the same direction: The idea is to reduce recidivism and address systematic challenges that will lead to safer communities. Providing wrap around services and developing community relationships to those individuals being released will help provide much needed “immediate” services and potentially reduce recidivism rates by offering them different opportunities for success. This in turn will increase the publics safety.


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