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Department of Behavioral Health Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)

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1 Department of Behavioral Health Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Board of Supervisor’s Presentation February 7, 2006

2 Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
Proposition 63, the MHSA, became law January 1, 2005 Provides funding to transform local mental health systems Population Served: Seriously Mentally Ill & Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Goal: To improve resiliency and recovery

3 Mental Health Services Act (Cont’d)
Six components for funding Community Public Planning Community Services and Supports Capital Facilities and Technology Education and Training Prevention/Early Intervention Innovative Programs Requires local public planning process Requires development of three-year plan

4 San Bernardino County MHSA
W&I (a) A draft plan and update shall be prepared and circulated for review and comment for at least 30 days to representatives of stakeholder interests and any interested party who has requested a copy of such plans.

5 San Bernardino County MHSA
W&I b) The mental health board established pursuant to Section 5604 shall conduct a public hearing on the draft plan and annual updates at the close of the 30–day comment period required by subsection (a). Each adopted plan and update shall include any substantive written recommendations for revisions. The adopted plan or update shall summarize and analyze the recommended revisions. The mental health board shall review the adopted plan or update and make recommendations to the county mental health department for revisions.

6 MHSA Funding for San Bernardino County
$17,168,200 million/year for community services and supports Total of 51,504,600 million over first three years Funding will continue as long as MHSA is law Funding expected to increase in future

7 San Bernardino County MHSA Planning Process and Results
Open, inclusive process Community Outreach 3000 attendees participated 21 Training Workshops 4 Age Specific Workgroups 79 Member Community Policy Advisory Committee (CPAC) 120 Focus & Stakeholder groups 6 Public Forums 1863 (to date) Community Stakeholder Surveys

8 San Bernardino County MHSA
Issues and Needs 54,893 persons in the county are in need of some level of mental health intervention and services. Significant racial and ethnic disparities exist among the number of persons unserved, underserved, or inappropriately served

9 San Bernardino County MHSA Issues and Needs (Continued)
Children/Youth Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Adults Older Adults Family and Peer problems; at risk of out of home placement for children Homelessness Access to care Involvement in the child welfare system and juvenile justice system Institutionalization and incarceration Frequent hospitalizations and emergency room visits Frequent hospitalizations, episodes of emergency care, and incidents of relapse to previous behavior Acute psychiatric inpatient hospitalizations Inability to live independently Inability to work Inability to manage independence Alcohol and drug problems experienced by youth and families dealing with mental illness Isolation

10 San Bernardino County MHSA
Values and Outcomes Culturally competent Client/family-driven services Wellness/Recovery/Resilience focused Reduce disparities in access to care Measurable positive outcomes: decrease in hospitalizations, incarcerations, homelessness, and out-of-home placements State Department of Mental Health will provide statewide criteria

11 San Bernardino County MHSA Programs for Children and Transitional Age Youth
New One-Stop Transitional Age Youth Centers Expanded Comprehensive Child & Family Support Systems Children Crisis Response Teams

12 San Bernardino County MHSA Programs for Adults and Older Adults
New High Hospital User Assertive Case Management Team Circle of Care: Mobile Outreach & Intensive Case Management Expanded Consumer-Operated Peer Support Svcs & Clubhouse Expansion Forensic Integrated Mental Health Services Crisis Walk-in Centers Psychiatric Triage Diversion Team at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Circle of Care: System Development

13 San Bernardino County MHSA Programs Potential Program Providers
Some services will be contracted out Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) will use Request for Proposal Process DBH will select appropriate community providers Some Services will be provided by DBH

14 San Bernardino County MHSA Budget by Age Group and Administration Costs
Children $2,722,710 TAY $3,528,712 Adults $6,349,921 Older Adults $2,022,972 Administration $2,543,884

15 San Bernardino County MHSA Number of Clients to be Served
Estimated over the next three years (not unduplicated) 1285 Full Service Partnerships, including housing if needed 8848 System Development 2248 Outreach and Engagement

16 One Time Only Funding Capital Purchases $4,013,800
Improving Information Services $2,264,916 Training/Education and $2,213,533 Cultural Competency Activities Housing Set-Aside $3,975,000 Total $12,467,249

17 San Bernardino County MHSA Next Steps
Mental Health Commission endorses Plan February 2, 2006 Board of Supervisors approves Plan February 7, 2006 Submit Plan to State February 13, 2006 Proposed time for State approval of the CSS Plan is 90 days. Implementation is estimated to begin in late spring or early summer.

18 Conclusion The Department of Behavioral Health would like to thank the many individuals who provided the feedback that was instrumental in forming the foundation of the CSS Plan. Additionally, a special thank you is extended to the work group chairs and members who utilized this public feedback to develop the CSS Plan and the various program proposals for each specified age range.

19 San Bernardino County MHSA Funding Distribution by Age Group

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