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Lori Thalmann Pytlik Microsoft Dynamics SL Strategy.

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1 Lori Thalmann Pytlik Microsoft Dynamics SL Strategy

2 Session Agenda


4 Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps Desktop

5 Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps

6 Device Options

7 Project roles Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps

8 Web Services Continue to release web services

9 Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Web Apps CU 1 (cumulative update) – March 2014 Project Time Entry with support for PFT Project Correcting Timecards Project T type-Timecard support Project Expense Entry (with attachments) Project Expense Reports Project Time & Expense Approval Project Analyst Available with source code

10 Licensing Requirements

11 Initial Goal

12 Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps CU 1 Web Apps plus… Project Timesheet Entry Project Communicator Delegations Approval Invoice Approval Project Maintenance & Inquiry Billing Information Maintenance Project Maximums Maintenance Percent Complete and Revenue Recognition Setup Address Maintenance Contract Value and Revenue Information Budget Maintenance and Inquiry Budget Revision Maintenance, Approval, Inquiry, and Analysis Item Request Entry & Approval Resource Management dashboard

13 Initial Goal Accomplished Initial Goal Scheduled Web Apps for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Business Portal not included in future releases

14 SL Web Apps Customizing

15 SL 2011 Web Apps CU1SL 2011 Web Apps SL 2015 Web Apps SL 2015 Web Apps CU1 Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps SL 2015 Web Apps CU2 MAR 2014SEPT 2014MAR 2015SEPT 2015SEPT 2013

16 Azure support Partner-hosted solutions Subscription price or hosting Lower cost of ownership Cloud

17 The Power of Ownership & Choice Web Apps RDC AZUREHOSTED ON PREMISE Rich Client

18 Launch Page links: thamerica/SL/downloads/product- releases/msdslmobiledevices Download links: thamerica/SL/downloads/service- packs/MobileDevicesFP1 Web Apps pages

19 Microsoft Dynamics NOW & NEXT

20 Functionality Web Apps BA Update Azure support Functionality User Interface Enhanced Search Capabilities Web Services Functionality Business Analyzer Office 365 support Web Services SL 2011 FP1 SL 2011 SL 2011 SP2 Web Apps CU1 Wave Release Project Time & Expense, Approval, Project Analyzer… SL SL 2015 SL“Next” 201220132014 (H1)2014 (H2)2016 Microsoft Dynamics SL Roadmap 201120XX Functionality Basic Resource Management Web Apps Wave Release Project Setup, Delegations… Functionality Web Apps Wave Releases every 6 months

21 Release Cycles Major Release Hot Fixes / Service Packs Web Service Web App Web Service Web App Web Service Web App

22 Year End2013 Year End Update install Q CustomerSourceHow to use community Forums InventoryInventory Adjustment Quick SendHow to Configure Application Server CustomerSourceHow to Use CustomerSource AdministrationRegistration Keys setup CustomerSourceHow to Login to CustomerSource General LedgerRecurring entries AdministrationSave Setting on Exit InventoryGenerating Inventory Tags Accounts ReceivableRecurring entries InventoryReceive in Inventory InventoryCancelling Inventory Tags Accounts PayableRecurring entries


24 Dynamics SL Agenda Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Beta - May 2014 Fall Events -Dynamics SL 2015 Roadshow -Dynamics SL User Group Meeting - Boston, MA - Sept. 23-25, 2014 Dynamics SL 2015 Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps – H2 2014


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