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1 About SL Corporation SL Corporation provides an open business information delivery platform, ‘enabling our customers and partners to envision, design.

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1 1 About SL Corporation SL Corporation provides an open business information delivery platform, ‘enabling our customers and partners to envision, design and deliver business solutions to their users, within a rapidly changing business environment.  Founded in 1983 by Peter Sherrill and Thomas Lubinski  Widely used in a number of Industries: manufacturing, consumer goods/retail, energy/utilities, financial services, pharmaceutical, health care/life science, government, aerospace/defense, education, travel, hospitality, transportation, technology, public sector, and telecommunications  70,000+ Licenses Globally Distributed over 22 years  Average SL Employee Tenure 9 years  39 OEM Partnerships

2 2 Sample Customer List by Industry Aerospace & Defense Applied Signal Boeing European Aeronautics Defense & Space Co (EADS) Harris Corporation Hughes Aircraft L3 Communications Lockheed Martin National Air Space Agency Naval Satellite Transportation Center Northrop Grumman Patrick Air Force Base Pratt & Whitney Raytheon Sandia National Laboratory Schriever Air Force Base Telesat Canada US Navy US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Entertainment Harrah’s Financial Services Charles Schwab Chicago Mercantile Exchange Deutsche Bank Lehman Brothers Standard and Poors Government City of Grand Island Department of Defense Department of Energy - Homeland Security Government of Israel NASA US Army US Navy US Air Force Health Care & Pharmaceuticals Accenx Amgen Inc. Merial Pharmaceuticals Energy & Power British Petroleum (BP) Cincinnati Water Works Convex Detroit Edison GE Energy New York ISO New York Power Authority Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Sprague Energy Synthetis Manufacturing & Process Control ABB Aeroflex Alstom Brasil Ltda AspenTech Inc. Brooks Automation Comalco Aluminum Control Systems Dow Chemical Foxboro GSE Systems Hitachi ULSI Systems Honeywell Interautomation Invensys Systems Mitsubishi Chemical Mitsubishi Heavy Industries NEC SCP Global Technologies Toshiba Solutions Volkswagen Yokogawa Retail Barnes & Noble Smart & Final Technology Agilent Autodesk EMC Corporation Eurosoft Tellium Optical Tibco Telecommunications Agilent Alcatel AT&T Harris Communications Hewlett Packard Newpoint Technologies Stanford Telecommunications SNMP Research Inc. Transportation Air Canada Cal Poly State University California Department of Transportation Command Engineering International Delcan Federal Airlines Administration Los Angeles Department of Transportation Mitsubishi Electric New York Department of Transportation TRW Transportation Systems United Airlines

3 3 Enterprise RTView Business Information Delivery Platform  Delivers Business Information Visually Chart, graphs, meters, gauges, labels, images, controls, or add your own  Integrates disparate and diverse data sources RDBMS, OLAP, JMS, TIBCO, XML, and custom adapters  Integrates with existing deployment technologies Desktop Application, Web Browser rich client, Web Browser thin client  Enterprise class scalability and reliability Server side components optimize distribution of information to desktops

4 4 Real-time Operations Visibility Examples - Enterprise RTView SNMP Networks TIBCO RVTIBCO EMS Agilent NETeXPERT Real-time Infrastructure Display Solutions Real-time Business Information Dashboards RT Trade Transactions Financial Svcs RT Production & Inventory Oil & Gas HMI Process Control SLA Monitoring Telecom

5 5 Enterprise RTView Architecture

6 6 Enterprise RTView Components  Modeling Display Builder – Interactive WYSIWYG Editor Display Viewers – Rich and thin clients Display Components – Customize via properties  Server Data and display servers deliver information and/or graphics to clients Smart information delivery conserves network bandwidth  Historian Stores real-time data in RDBMS Automatically purges old data Seamlessly integrated with Display Viewers  Data Sources Built-in standards-compliant data sources Extendable to meet your needs

7 7 Enterprise RTView Features Application FrameworkBuild applications visually with industry- standard controls, included graphic objects, and Intelligent Parameterized Navigation (IPN). Interoperability and FlexibilityIntegrate applications with existing enterprise technologies and web applications. Build or embed custom/3 rd party objects. Optimized for PerformanceBuilt-in objects based on SL-GMS real-time technology. Server technology minimizes use of network resources, while on-demand caching provides quick response to users. Integrated SecurityRole-based security mechanisms limit access to information, and can be customized. Pass- through user credentials take advantage of existing back-end security systems. OS IndependenceRun and/or deploy on any JRE supported OS, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac, PDA, etc.

8 8 Enterprise RTView – Use Your Imagination….. Build applications using 100’s of included objects

9 9 Enterprise RTView – No Boundaries  Build your own dynamic objects JFreeChart as Enterprise RTView object Enterprise RTView objects created with J/Developer

10 10 Enterprise RTView – Manage Information Delivery  Monitor and Manage Data and Systems Transaction Monitors – Identify, categorize, and track transaction message data, data counts, latency, rates and completion status. Data Historian – Archive real-time data to RDBMS. Seamless integration with GUI components. EMS Manager - Graphically monitor message and JMS topics and queues with detailed message throughput information Data Servers – Optimize data delivery to clients from back-end data sources. Minimize impact to existing systems.

11 11 Enterprise RTView – No Boundaries Product Demonstration

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