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SL Corporation Enhancing Real-time Visibility for Process Control

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1 SL Corporation Enhancing Real-time Visibility for Process Control

2 SL Corporation Established in 1983
Extensive customer base of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies Privately held Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area with worldwide distribution & support

3 Sample Customer List by Industry
Health Care & Pharmaceuticals Accenx Amgen Inc. Merial Pharmaceuticals Energy & Power British Petroleum (BP) Cincinnati Water Works Convex Detroit Edison GE Energy New York ISO New York Power Authority Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Sprague Energy Synthetis Manufacturing & Process Control ABB Aeroflex Alstom Brasil Ltda AspenTech Inc. Brooks Automation Comalco Aluminum Control Systems Dow Chemical DRS Technologies Foxboro Electric GSE Systems Hitachi ULSI Systems Honeywell Hydrocom Interautomation Invensys Systems Mitsubishi Chemical Mitsubishi Heavy Industries NEC Neles Automation SCP Global Technologies SRH Systems Ltd Toshiba Solutions Volkswagen Yokogawa Aerospace & Defense Applied Signal BAE Systems Boeing European Aeronautics Defense & Space Co (EADS) Harris Corporation Hughes Aircraft JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) L3 Communications Lockheed Martin Mitsubishi Space Software National Air Space Agency Naval Satellite Transportation Center Northrop Grumman Patrick Air Force Base Pratt & Whitney Raytheon Sandia National Laboratory Schriever Air Force Base Telesat Canada US Navy US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Entertainment Harrah’s Financial Services Charles Schwab Chicago Mercantile Exchange Deutsche Bank Lehman Brothers Standard and Poors Government City of Grand Island Department of Defense Department of Energy - Homeland Security Government of Israel NASA US Army US Air Force Washington State University Retail Barnes & Noble Smart & Final Technology Agilent Autodesk EMC Corporation Eurosoft Tellium Optical Tibco Telecommunications Alcatel AT&T Clear Communications Harris Communications Hewlett Packard Newpoint Technologies NTT Communications Stanford Telecommunications SNMP Research Inc. Transportation Air Canada Artemis Operations Control Center Cal Poly State University California Department of Transportation Command Engineering International Delcan Federal Airlines Administration Kyosan Electric Los Angeles Department of Transportation Mitsubishi Electric New York Department of Transportation Toshiba TRW Transportation Systems United Airlines

4 Partial Customer List 70,000+ licenses sold worldwide
Process Control Telecom Financial Services Aerospace Energy ABB AspenTech Invensys Honeywell NEC Telvent Agilent Alcatel DoCoMo Harris HP SNMP Lehman NASDAQ Std. & Poors Schwab Deutsche Bank Chicago Merc Boeing Lockheed US Air Force US Navy NASA BP PDVSA NYISO NYPA DOE SL-GMS is used globally by market leaders in mission-critical applications

5 Partial Process Control Client List

6 Product Line OEM Development Products Graphic Applications
SL-GMS J/Developer - SL-GMS J/Net Extension SL-GMS Developer for .NET Custom Editor for .NET SL-GMS C++/Developer - C++/Net Extension - C++/Map Extension Graphic Applications Enterprise RTView Enterprise RTView for TIBCO Enterprise RTView for Aspentech Enterprise RTView for NETeXPERT * The SL product line is divided into two areas: Graphic Development tools and graphic applications.

7 Real-time Business Information – Oil/Gas

8 Dynamic Portal Content – Real time Business Information in BEA WebLogic Portal

9 Enterprise RTView ® Business Information Delivery Platform
Used by IT Managers/Department to create custom displays and dashboards for the monitoring of critical business operations Customizable, role-based interactive data displays Configurable with no programming Extensible with customizable business logic Deploy with minimal impact to existing architecture : Thick client application Rich client Thin client Portlet or portal category

10 Enterprise RTView - Component Overview

11 Enterprise RTView - Architecture

12 Enterprise RTView - Scalability via the XML Server

13 Feature Rich, Real-Time HMI Solutions for Process Control

14 Process Control with ActiveX/Web ABB - Maestro NT
Process control interface through  Windows Internet Explorer browser Other ABB products with SL-GMS include Advant, Symphony, and Contronics-S SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS C++/Developer SL-GMS AX/Developer SL-GMS Custom Editor

15 Process Control Foxboro - IA FoxView/FoxDraw
Popular DCS for large gas, chemicals, paper, textiles, food and other industries Now part of Invensys, a global leader in the automation and controls industry SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS C++/Developer SL-GMS Custom Editor

16 Process Control AspenTech - CIMView
Industry leader in providing integrated solutions for process control, resource planning and e-commerce with their engineering, manufacturing, and eSupply products Add GMS Net SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS C++/Developer SL-GMS Custom Editor SL-GMS J/Developer

17 PDVSA - Petroleum de Venezuela
National Oil Company for Venezuela Java displays created with J/Developer deployed for internal process control applications Conversion of existing graphic displays into browser-based displays SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS J/Developer

18 BP British Petroleum Java displays created with J/Developer deployed for internal process control applications Conversion of existing graphic displays into browser-based displays SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS J/Developer

19 Aerospace Control with Java/Web NASA
NASA’s new launch control system (= DCS) using SL-GMS New Java Web based system allows engineers to view launch status from their remote offices or homes SL-GMS Products Used: SL-GMS C++/Developer SL-GMS J/Developer

20 SL-GMS Development Tools

21 SL-GMS Developer for .NET Product Description
SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor SL-GMS Viewer Control for .NET Symbol Libraries Application Examples On-line Documentation SL-GMS Developer for .NET V2.0c © Sherrill-Lubinski Corporation

22 Benefits of SL-GMS Developer for .NET
SL-GMSDraw graphical editor allows for easy customization of displays by non-programmers SL-GMS Viewer Control for .NET allows for fast development of desktop and browser applications that can deploy these displays across the enterprise SL-GMS Viewer Control contains the SL-GMS high performance graphics engine for fast displays Is integrated with all SL-GMS products for easy migration from legacy COM based systems

23 SL-GMS Developer for .NET Built for the Microsoft .NET Environment
SL-GMS Developer for .NET is a fully .NET compliant real- time graphics development system. SL-GMS Viewer Control for .NET is enabled with classes, methods, properties, and events from within Microsoft Visual Studio. Usable with any .NET supported language including C++, C#, or Visual Basic

24 SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor for building animated process displays

25 SL-GMSDraw Full featured graphical editor
Standard process object libraries Standard customizable trend graph objects Import objects from other tools (Visio, AutoCAD) Design new objects Animate with dozens of dynamic behaviors Attach to live data Preview dynamic behaviors in the Editor Custom Equipment Palette Pallets of Symbol Factory Objects

26 Future Product Release: SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET
SL-GMS Custom Editor Control - allows users to build a fully .NET Custom Editor Enabled with standard editor properties methods and accessible event handlers: All user interactions can be controlled as they are in SL-GMSDraw or overridden by the developer. Embed in a Windows Forms application Customize all dialogs and user interactions Attach to proprietary data sources for viewing available tagnames

27 Using the SL-GMS Developer for .NET Viewer Control
SL-GMS Viewer Control for .NET in Visual Studio .NET

28 Using SL-GMS Viewer Control for .NET
Examples of Properties and Methods Properties: ModelName: Indicates the SL-GMSDraw model to display UpdateInterval: Indicates the refresh rate for the display Methods: GetGmsVarNames: Get all variable tag names used in current model GetGmsVarTypes: Get the variable types SetGmsVar : Set the variable to a new value

29 Thank you SL Corporation 240 Tamal Vista Blvd. Corte Madera, CA 94925
tel: fax:

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