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WELCOME! Saraj – Komerc d.o.o. Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje

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1 WELCOME! Saraj – Komerc d.o.o. Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje

2 General information Company name : Saraj – Komerc d.o.o.
Address : Batuški Lug bb - Industrijska zona 70240 Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje Activity : Production of cover assemblies for fuel filters, springs and tubes Property : 100% private Year of foundation : 1983. General Manager : Emir Čolić

3 Infrastructure Three production buildings on two locations, with a total shop floor area of m2. Company’s infrastructure provides conditions for business development in all fields of work.

4 Infrastructure After it’s rebuilding, the whole facility of „Tvornica Opruga” manufacturing site is available for new projects. Fully automated Zn/Ni galvanizing line which is installed on this location provides for our competitiveness in the market, with opportunitites for new projects and continous growth and development.

5 Products and services Our range of products includes cover assemblies for fuel filters, springs, tubes for Common Rail Pumps and Coolers and turned parts. We offer galvanizing and brazing services to our customers.

6 Products and services Besides the main products, production capacities allow us to produce various stamped parts. Parts are produced according to customer drawings or according to a sample, in which case we develop part drawings. Our experience in stamping and tubing allows us to develop small tools for internal use and for our customers. We provide services of coordinate measuring and different chemical tests in our lab.

7 Hydraulic components We produce hydraulic components for known customers. Parts are produced from steel and stainless steel. Hydraulic components are produced by turning on CNC machines or cold forming on machines that are produced by our skilled personnel.

8 Stamping More than 40 excenter and hydraulic presses ranging from 10 to 400 tons allow us to produce different stamped parts. Stamping presses are primarily used for production of covers which are then assembled into cover assemblies. Materials used are steel and stainless steel.

9 CNC machining More than 20 CNC machines produce sub-components which are assembled into cover assemblies and final products which are then delivered to our customers. Capacities allow us to produce parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

10 Tubing Tubing involves different processes such as cutting, chamfering, deburring, reaming, cold forming and bending. Different types of tubes produced from steel and stainless steel are used in cover assemblies, but also as final parts which are assembled into Common Rail Pumps and Coolers by our customers.

11 Assembly and brazing Sub-components are assembled into cover assemblies and brazed in brazing ovens with temperatures up to 1100° C. Brazing ovens are dedicated to steel and stainless steel parts.

12 Tool room Tools for tube forming and bending, stamping, plastic die moulding and gauges for the running production are produced in our tool room. Tool room capacities are also used for maintenance of the existing stamping tools. Processes include turning and milling, CNC milling, coordinate grinding, centerless grinding, EDM and wire-cut EDM and heat treatment. Tool room provides services to customers as well.

13 Production of springs At it‘s foundation, Saraj-Komerc was producing primarily springs. Even though it makes a very small portion of our current production, spring manufacturing is still one of our specialities. We produce all types of springs from material ranging from Ø0,2 to Ø16 mm in diameter. Springs are produced from patented steel wire and from stainless steel wire. Production includes galvanizing and passivation of springs. Springs are tested internally for force and deflection.

14 Production of hinges and springs for garage doors
We provide services of production of hinges and springs of different dimensions for garage doors. Our offer includes springs produced from matertial ranging from Ø5 to Ø12 mm in diameter, and in different lengths. Springs are delivered oiled and packed in a stretch foil, in accordance with our customer requirements. Materials used are imported from the EU countries . Material certificates are delivered upon request.

15 Galvanizing “Saraj – Komerc” has three galvanizing lines. Two galvanizing lines are allocated for Zinc and Tin galvanizing. Third galvanizing line which is fully automated is used for Zn/Ni galvanizing, which is widely used in the automotive industry.

16 Tin galvanizing Racks are used in the acidic tin galvanizing. Coating thickness distribution is good, with decorative appearance obtained. Corrosion resistance is good. This type of coating is often used in food industry. Tin galvanizing is partially used for our products, and mostly as services for customers.

17 Acidic and alkaline Zn galvanizing
Acidic Zinc galvanizing Drums and racks are used for acidic galvanizing. Fast coating process and decorative appearance are characteristic for acidic galvanizing. Additional processes include blue and black chromating (using CrIII) and sealing. Alkaline Zinc galvanizing Racks are used for alkaline Zinc galvanizing. Zinc coating process is slower with optimum coating thickness distribution. Compared to acidic Zinc galvanizing, alkaline Zinc galvanizing has better corrosion resistance. Additional processes include blue and black chromating (using CrIII) and sealing.

18 Zn / Ni galvanizing Automated Zn/Ni galvanizing line was installed in order to meet requirements from strategic customers. Zn/Ni galvanizing was developed to replace Cadmium coating which is deemed unacceptable for the environment. Zn/Ni galvanizing not only replaced cadmijum coating but also exceeded it in terms of quality. Corrosion resistance of Zn/Ni is up to 10 x longer compared to zinc and up to 3 x longer compared to cadmium. Zn/Ni coating can in terms of salt spray test according to ISO 9227 reach following values: More than 500 hours to white corrosion, More than 1000 hours to red corrosion

19 Quality and ecology ISO 9001 Quality Management System has been implemented in and ISO Environment Management System has been implemented in All employees are continuously trained on importance of ecology and safe environment.

20 Quality and ecology Activities on implementation of ISO/TS are in progress, and current Rules of quality and system procedures are in accordance with ISO/TS Certification phase is planned for 2015.

21 Measuring lab Measuring lab includes all the equipment necessary to assure quality required by our customers. Measuring equipment includes CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) contourograph, roughness measuring machine, shadowgraph.

22 Measuring lab Besided the mentioned equipment, we have X-Ray machine for coating thickness measurement.

23 Waste water treatment Waste water treatment lines are automated facilities where output results meet regulations for output parameters such as concentration of heavy metals or pH value. Measurements are read online and present real time values.

24 Waste water treatment Through two automated waste water treatment lines, Saraj – Komerc shows it’s dedication to preservation of the environment and high level of ecological consciousness that will be promoted in the future.

25 Social responsibility
Our strength is that as a socially responsible company we create conditions for more pleasant and local communities. We are active in humanitarian actions and sponsorships that improve quality of life in local community. We improve policy of sustainable development and support cultural and sport activities important to the local community.

26 Social responsibility
Since our foundation, we have supported development and affirmation of sports, science, culture and economy through sponsorships, both on local and regional level. Our team participates activally on futsal tournaments and we are very proud of our sport achievements.

27 Social responsibility
Special attention is paid to supporting humanitarian actions, helping children with medical difficulties and needs, and scolarships for students. We supporr talented and hard working individuals and teams in their development. It is our wish to make our country richer and more attractive to future experts.

28 Social responsibility
We participate in manifestations of different character organised by our business partners. We organise trips inside and outside the country for our workers. Destinations are chosen by workers.

29 Acknowledgments and awards
Charter with coat of arms of Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje municipality for contribution in economy and employment issued by the municipality ( ).

30 Acknowledgments and awards
Acknowledgment for collection of springs ( ) by the jury of the 19th ZEPS fair.

31 Acknowledgments and awards
„Gazela” BH Business Award ( ) in the category of „Small Gazelle” for Central Bosnia Canton in organization of Kameleon M&M Group and partners: Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia, Economy Chamber of Federation of B&H, Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade of Federation of B&H, Mostar Economy Fair and agency for development of small and medium business of Republic of Srpska.

32 References

33 Contacts Address: Saraj – Komerc d.o.o.
Batuški Lug bb – Industrijska zona BA – Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje Phones: +387 (0) – Technology +387 (0) – Production and Control +387 (0) – Fax and accounting s:

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