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Lesson 38 Bellringer List the types of tobacco you have seen advertised or used. How do these products harm your health?

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1 Lesson 38 Bellringer List the types of tobacco you have seen advertised or used. How do these products harm your health?

2 Lesson 38 Choosing a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle
What is the addictive substance in tobacco products? Nicotine

3 What does tolerance mean and how is it related to tobacco?
Is nicotine a stimulant or a depressant?

4 What happens to addicts who try to quit using tobacco products?

5 What are the effects of withdrawal?
Craving Anxious Irritable Restless Headache Difficulty concentrating Frustrated Angry Heart palpitations Increased appetite

6 What negative effects does smoking have on health?
Cancer: throat, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, bladder (How does smoking cause bladder cancer?) COPD (What does that stand for/ mean?) Emphysema

7 What does it feel like for a person with emphysema?
*Straw Activity* There is no cure for Emphysema. People with Emphysema eventually have to use an oxygen tank which is very flammable.

8 Lesson 38 Day 2 Bellringers
How does smoking affect physical activity? Explain two ways to say “NO” to peer pressure. What is the number one cause of house fires?

9 What negative effects does smoking have on health?
Cardiovascular disease: heart attack, stroke, aneurysm Accidents: house fires (# 1 cause), motor vehicle (too busy trying to light it or dropping it) Gum disease Ulcers What about pregnancy? Low birth weight, increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), premature birth

10 Extra Credit Opportunity
Write this information down in your notebook Send an to President Obama or your State Senator Contacting the White House, U.S. Senate: Senators Home

11 Include in your FDA should have regulatory control over Big Tobacco Warning labels should be larger Eliminate misleading labels like “light” and “low tar” Disclose ingredients Remove harmful additives Prohibit claim “FDA approved” Restrict marketing

12 Cigarettes are the # 1 cause of litter in the U.S.

13 What is the Truth? Open your book to page Look at the myths and facts about smoking.

14 How can you avoid secondhand smoke?
Speak up, let smokers know it bothers you (Be polite) Ask them not to smoke in indoor areas you share Encourage family members to quit Ask about having a no smoking rule in the house Request to sit in non-smoking sections (In MI)

15 What is the difference between mainstream and sidestream (aka secondhand or ETS) smoke?

16 What is a carcinogen? Causes cancer

17 Get off the Fence Stand in the middle of the room. I will ask you to take a side on the following question. Should smoking be banned in public places? Each side will share several reasons for their opinion.

18 What are the school rules about tobacco use?
(Hint: it’s in your agenda book)

19 What is smokeless tobacco?
Dip, chew, snuff Is it harmless? Is it safer that smoking? No, it actually causes a greater risk of mouth cancer (show article w/ mouth cancer picture)

20 What happens to many people who dip?
Leukoplakia What is leukoplakia?-Leukoplakia - white leathery patches that may turn into cancer

21 Where do you see tobacco ads?
rolling stone Why are they not on TV or radio? Who is the target audience of tobacco ads? Why?

22 Who has regulatory control over tobacco products?
Why don’t they do a very good job regulating tobacco products?

23 How can you quit? List reason why you want to quit (benefits of quitting, consequences of not quitting that relate to you personally) Set a date Make a behavior change contract Think about situations where you use tobacco- what can you do to change these routines? Join a cessation program Get help from others (friends, family)

24 How can you quit? Throw away unused tobacco products Be prepared
Find other activities to keep your mind off tobacco (give me an example) See a health care professional Eat healthy If you slip up it’s ok quitting takes time

25 Bellringer Day 3 Do you know anyone that died from a smoking related disease? What percent of people do not smoke? How does secondhand smoke affect non-smokers?

26 What products are available to help people quit?
(hint: table 38.2)

27 What else can people who are trying to quit do?
Peppermint or cinnamon gum or candy

28 How can you resist peer pressure?
use assertive behavior give a reason use nonverbal behavior avoid pressuring situations avoid people who use resist pressure influence others to choose responsible behavior avoid being hoodwinked by advertising executives

29 Extra Credit Wear your Stand gear to school this week or next week for 2 points. Don’t have any stand gear make your own kick butts T-shirt. Unfortunately Gov. Strickland did away with Stand funding to fund another job project even though the money came from the Big Tobacco settlement. Write to him about this unfair practice for extra credit. Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland

30 To report smoking violations

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