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Lesson 37 What is the most widely abused drug in the U.S.?

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1 Lesson 37 What is the most widely abused drug in the U.S.?
Read “What Would You Do?” on pg Write at least three complete sentences.

2 Promote an Alcohol and other Drug-Free Lifestyle
Use over-the-counter and prescription drugs properly and safely Avoid experimentation with alcohol and other drugs Avoid the use of alcohol Avoid the use of illegal drugs Avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

3 Promote an Alcohol and other Drug-Free Lifestyle
Avoid riding in a car with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs Avoid pressuring others to use alcohol or other drugs Quit using alcohol and other drugs if you already do Seek help for stopping the use of alcohol and other drugs (for self and others)

4 Lesson 37 Choosing an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle
Ground rule: Respect the privacy of others. Do not refer to someone with problems by name. Talk to me or a counselor privately if you are concerned about someone you know.

5 True or False True stand up and hop on one foot (practice)
False stand up and do squats Alcohol is a stimulant. False, it depresses the brain and nervous system.

6 What does BAC stand for? BAC is the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, the higher the BAC the greater the effects on the person.

7 What factors affect BAC?
Amount of alcohol Speed of drinking Body weight Percent body fat Gender Feelings Amount of food Other drugs

8 What are the effects of alcohol?
Slowed reaction time Accidents AIDS why? STDs Unplanned pregnancy Violence aggression Ulcers Cancer Malnutrition Infections TB Kidney failure osteoporosis

9 What can happen when pregnant women drink?
Miscarriage Still birth Low birth weight Baby born with alcohol withdrawal symptoms FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

10 What does FAS look like? Small eye slits Small head
Delayed physical growth Delayed mental growth Mental disability

11 Math Across the Curriculum
Look at the graph on page Answer questions 1 and 2 in your notebook.

12 Lesson 37 Bellringer Day 2 Why do teens feel pressure to drink alcohol? Explain how alcohol affects decision making?

13 An alcoholic is a person that is physically dependant on alcohol.
What happens if they quit drinking? What is the difference between abuse and addiction? Are the consequences different for alcohol abuse as opposed to being an alcoholic?

14 What are the effects of withdrawal?
Nauseous Anxious Agitated Vomit Tremors Trouble sleeping Hallucinations Muscle convulsions

15 Read page 419 “The family connection”
50% of reported domestic abuse cases involved alcohol

16 Where can you get help? AA Alateen Al-Anon
ACOA (what does that stand for?)

17 Who is at risk of developing alcoholism?
Family history Use at a young age Psychiatric disorders like depression Low self-esteem Dysfunctional families

18 How many of you have seen an ad for alcohol recently? Look at page 421.
Ads show attractive people having fun. What is the reality of drinking? What could the ads show?

19 How can you resist peer pressure to drink?
Be assertive Give a reason Use nonverbal behavior Avoid situations where alcohol is present Avoid hanging out with people who drink- Why? Follow the law Influence others to choose responsible behavior Don’t be suckered by media advertising

20 Lesson 37 Bellringer Day 3 How can families be affected by alcohol abuse? Explain one reason why you should say no ( make it personal) What makes the body break down alcohol faster? Nothing- only time

21 Where can I get more information?
Drug and alcohol abuse, treatment, prevention Welcome to NIAAA

22 Homework Read Lesson 38

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