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What are Greg’s responsibilities? What are Cecilia’s responsibilities?

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1 What are Greg’s responsibilities? What are Cecilia’s responsibilities?
Lesson 46 Bellringer Greg and Cecilia have been dating for seven months. Recently, they have become sexually active. Now, when Greg urinates it burns. What are Greg’s responsibilities? What are Cecilia’s responsibilities? How could this situation have been avoided? Within a few days of finding out I may have been infected with HIV I would …. If my test was positive for HIV I would have to …. I don’t want to become infected with HIV because …

2 Lesson 46 Reducing the Risk of STDs and HIV
What are two types of STDs? Bacterial Viral

3 What are some bacterial STDs?
Chlamydia Most common in U.S. Spread by sexual contact Spread by pregnant mother to child during delivery Can cause blindness or pneumonia in babies What are the symptoms? May have no visible symptoms Painful urination Discharge from penis Pain or swelling in scrotum Burning sensation during urination Discharge from vagina sterility

4 What is PID? Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Scarring of fallopian tubes or oviducts Sterility (unable to have children) Ectopic pregnancy (fertilized egg implants in Fallopian tube instead of uterus-fetus dies and the mother is also at great risk)

5 Are males or females more likely to get STDs?
Females are more prone to contracting an STD Why? Micro-tears form in females during intercourse which increases the likelihood of bodily fluid exchange In a male there would have to be a lesion or open wound on the penis

6 Name some other bacterial STDs
Syphilis Gonorrhea (read more about these in your book)

7 What viral STDs are there?
Herpes HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Hepatitis HIV/ AIDS

8 What is worse about viral STDs?
There is no cure, which means once you get it you have it for the rest of your life It may be dormant and then you can have outbreaks of it

9 There are also STDS that are caused by parasites. What are they?
Pubic lice Trichomoniasis

10 What is leukoplakia? HIV positive people can develop oral hairy leukoplakia which is white fuzzy patches on the tongue

11 How is HIV transmitted? Sexual contact
Open-mouthed kissing- risk is very low Sharing needles for drugs or tattoos Contact with blood or other bodily fluid Blood transfusion in another country Organ donation in another country Being born to an HIV positive mom

12 What are things you can do and not have to worry about HIV transmission?
(Hint: pg. 507)

13 What is the only 100% effective way to avoid HIV, STD’s, teen pregnancy or other emotional complications? Abstinence

14 What if you have already been sexually active?
Change your behavior

15 What other ways can you protect yourself?
Get tested Does your Doctor test you at an OB/GYN appointment? Does your family Doctor test you during a regular check-up? you have to ask for each specific test have a monogamous marriage choose a drug free life avoid drugs change your behavior if you have used drugs in the past avoid sharing needles follow universal precautions don’t kiss someone with an open sore on their mouth don’t use the same cup, towel or sheets/bed of an infected person

16 Look at “just the facts” on pg. 509
Where can you get tested? Will they report the results to anyone? Who will know? Can I test at Home? Use pg. 512

17 Bellringer Day 2 Why are STD’s spread so easily?
Why is it difficult to obtain a test? Do you think testing at home can help stop the spread of HIV? How can we promote the importance of getting tested?

18 Why is testing difficult?
Some people have no idea they are infected with an STD. Many are too embarrassed or fearful to ask or get a test. It is much easier to test at home than walk into a clinic for an HIV test. Easier access to tests and counseling are available however, many people do not take advantage of the offers.

19 Bellringer Day 3 How would you feel if you or someone close to you had HIV? Would you be able to live a normal life? What kind of lifestyle changes do HIV patients have to make in order to enjoy life?

20 HIV + Over time, treatment has increased the life expectancy of people infected with HIV and many live normal lives with modifications. They must follow a treatment program Multiple pills several times a day referred to as drug cocktail Plan their diet carefully Be careful around people with communicable diseases because of their weakened immune system

21 Where can you get more information? - FFYR Protect Yourself

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