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3 schemes in the little red dot. LETS BEGIN! LETS BEGIN!

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1 3 schemes in the little red dot. LETS BEGIN! LETS BEGIN!

2 Information The Ministry of Health (MOH) is in charge of healthcare in Singapore. It ensures that all Singaporeans are entitled to quality and affordable healthcare. NEXT

3 Philosophy a.k.a Ideals “Building a healthy population through preventive healthcare programmes and promoting a healthy life style” “Hospitals and healthcare system will never withhold help to a Singaporean because of financial limitations.” NEXT


5 The Formula : 3M (Medisave + Medishield) + Medifund However, most importantly, it is due to healthy lifestyle promoting campaigns NEXT

6 Medisave Introduced in 1984. Put asides % of salary into their Medisave account to meet future medical expenses. The savings can be withdrawn anytime to pay medical bills. But there are withdrawal limits. NEXT

7 Medisave As one gets older, one must contribute a greater % of their salaries. More information: corp/hcfinancing.aspx?id=324 corp/hcfinancing.aspx?id=324 To Medishield >

8 Medishield Introduced in 1990. To meet the huge expenses due to major illnesses, which couldn’t be covered by Medisave only. How does Medishield works? No. I want to know about Medifund!!

9 Medifund Endowment fund set up by the Government to help needy Singaporeans who are unable to pay for their medical expenses, acting as a safety net for those who cannot afford the subsidised bill charges, despite Medisave and Medishield coverage. I GOT IT. LETS END.

10 Conclusion These 3 schemes are very effective as it ensures that Singaporeans would have sufficient money to pay for their medical bills. Information adapted from: corp/hcfinancing.aspx?id=104 END

11 How Medishield works The yellow portion of the diagram below shows what is payable by Medishield. The orange parts are the portions payable by the Medishield policyholders either via cash or Medisave. Click here for more! THAT’S ENOUGH

12 Click to find out more! Deductible Co-Insurance Claimable Limits Next

13 Claimable Limits Claimable Limits refers to the portion of your patient bill that is eligible for reimbursement. Your Claimable Limit, or claim amount, is determined by the maximum limits per day of hospitalisation, surgical procedures, surgical implants, and approved specific treatments and outpatient treatments. BACK

14 Deductible A deductible is the initial amount you need to pay for claim(s) made in a policy year, before Medishield coverage starts. One needs to pay the deductible once in a policy year. The deductible helps to sieve out small claims, which can be paid using Medisave and/or cash, and keeps Medishield premiums affordable. BACK

15 Co-insurance Co-insurance is the percentage of the bill you need to pay on the portion of the bill above the deductible. The larger your bill, the lower the co-insurance that you need to pay. Medishield will pay between 80% - 90% of the claim amount that exceeds the deductible BACK

16 Template Provided By 500,000 Downloadable PowerPoint Templates, Animated Clip Art, Backgrounds and Videos CLICK AGAIN : )

17 BIBLIOGRAPHY – The Official Website -june-magazine-contents/the-singapore- model – The Official Website -june-magazine-contents/the-singapore- model THANK YOU!

18 Thank You. Done By Shaw Shian : ) Done By Shaw Shian : )

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