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The Ancient Greece Contribution: The Olympic Games

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1 The Ancient Greece Contribution: The Olympic Games

2 About the Olympic Games
The ancient Greek people designed different athletic competitions to honor their gods. These competitions were the Olympic Games and was every four years in Olympia. The games started around 776 B.C. for the Greek god Zeus (king of all gods). People from all over Greece came to watch (except for the women who weren’t aloud) because the Olympic Games was quite popular.

3 During the Olympic Games
During the Games the men participated nude in sports such as running, wrestling, chariot racing, boxing, javelin, and more. As the men competed the crowd cheered on their polis. Then whoever wins gets their award immediately after the competition. The awards include ribbons, wreaths, palm branch, metals, and more. It showed their strength and in a way they were like a hero.

4 Similarities and Differences of Ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics
The Olympic Games today are modeled after the Games that took place long ago in ancient Greece. Some similar things include that they were both held every four years. They also both have different sports/contests to show who is the best at it. All though they are the same idea, the Olympics have changed a lot throughout the years. First, there are more sports to compete in now than back then. Another difference is in the ancient Olympics only Greek speaking free men could compete unlike now any athletes can. Lastly, now the location of the Olympics changes every time. Unlike back then it was always in Olympia.

5 Reason for Olympics The Olympics were a religious festival to honor the gods but mostly Zeus. It was one of the biggest event/celebration in ancient Greece. It helped them come together, put their differences aside and enjoy the Games. The Olympics also showed the men’s strength to the other city-states and to the women. Winning the Olympics was a great accomplishment for the men.

6 How it helped later civilizations
The ancient Olympics helped later civilizations by helping us form the Olympics we have today. It started the love for sports and there was even a truce made back then during the time of the Olympics. That meant no war and differences were put aside. Just how now the different countries come together to cheer on there specific countries athlete.

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