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BSc Honours Project Introduction CSY4010

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1 BSc Honours Project Introduction CSY4010
Amir Minai Module Leader

2 Module Learning Outcomes
1.      Manage a substantial individual project, including research & planning, design, implementation, testing and documentation. 2.      Construct a focussed problem statement and conduct a suitable investigation, including literature review, into the context of that problem 3.      Demonstrate professional competence by applying appropriate theory and practice to the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of a non-trivial set of deliverables.

3 Module Learning Outcomes
4.      Show a capacity for self-appraisal by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the project process and outcomes with reference to the initial objectives and to the work of others. 5.      Provide evidence of the foregoing in the form of a report 6.      Defend the work orally at a Viva Voce examination.

4 What is an Honours Project?
The project provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their computing knowledge and practical skills. It is expected to be a problem-solving piece of work involving the design of an appropriate solution. It (is desirable that it) should result from an industrial, organisational or research context and have an identifiable client other than the student. A project will include some or all aspects of a project life-cycle and will apply appropriate principles, skills, tools and techniques developed throughout the programme of study and specially acquired during the project.

5 What is NOT an Honours Project Topic
I’m going to build a web site I’m interested in 3D animation graphics I want to make a computer game I’m going to build a Network / Database / GUI I am going to use Bluetooth I want to do something that will help me get a job I am going to meet a client’s specific requirements I am working part-time as a database administrator These are all really good places to start!!

6 Computing Project Types
Development Includes the development of Hardware and Software system to include; Design & Spec Requirements Process models Methods Testing Critical evaluation Full System Documentation

7 Computing Project Types
Industry based Involves solving a problem within an Organisation which, normally, includes the development of Hardware and Software system Certain types of Business Enterprises Etc. A distinctive feature of this type of Project is that the outcome is developed for a specific Client (case study)

8 Acceptable Project Type
Problem Solving Develop a new Application/System to solve an identified problem

9 Project Topic The Topic should relate, reflect, and be relevant to your chosen Pathway subject area. What ever Project you choose You might have to produce ACCEPTABLE and QUALITY code

10 Choosing your Project This the most time consuming, and important stage of all. You choose a Project that YOU must undertake over the whole of an academic year. When choosing, keep the following principle in mind You must be capable of doing the proposed project You must be interested, motivated, and enjoy the work You must consider your personal and career aspirations You must be able to show a degree of personal development Your must undertake a project with clear and serious outcome(s)

11 Choosing your Project In addition to your part in choosing a Project, your supervisor should be able to advise you on the following questions Does your Project have a clear and focused target and direction? Is your project suitable for your Degree? Does your project have sufficient Scope and Quality? Are there adequate available resources for your Project?

12 Choosing your Project You may use the following techniques, sources of information; The published Staff Research interests list Project ideas you may have come across at work Past Projects Reading around you area/subject of Interest Brain storming ideas, Clustering particular Areas Friends, colleagues, Supervisor

13 Your responsibilities -
Study the online material* Complete the Registration form* Attend the Start up Sessions in early MAY Actively seek to discuss your idea(s) with the relevant member of staff Get their agreement to act as your supervisor Do the background and other necessary work during the summer weeks * You will be given access to the full module material on Nile at the start of the academic year. In the meantime, the registration form and other relevant material are available on the following web address:

14 Your responsibilities -
Submit a Project Proposal at the beginning of the academic year; Submit an Interim Report & Present the Project work-in-progress at the beginning of the second term; Actively work on the project and meet your supervisor at regular intervals; Don’t just !!!

15 Your responsibilities -
keep a diary or record your weekly activities for a possible inclusion in your final report; Prepare the final report (Dissertation)* Submit the report by the end of the academic year; Prepare for the viva voce examination

16 Resources CSY4010 material on Nile after Enrolment
Read the Project/Dissertation Handbook, It tells you precisely what YOU have to do, how, when and for what reason Plus Read other supporting documents provided Note: You are expected to keep in regular contact with your supervisor throughout the life span of your project at pre-arranged meetings.

17 Your Research Question
What to do next If you haven’t done so, Identify the project area: Your Research Question Complete the Registration form Attend the Start up Session: Make an appointment with a supervisor Start your project immediately!

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