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Introduction to module 1CSY1017-Computer Communications.

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1 Introduction to module 1CSY1017-Computer Communications

2  Introduction to module  EPIC - Evolving Personalised Information Construct ◦ flash online movie made by Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History  Ice Breaker - general discussion ◦ How networks impact our daily lives ◦ Role of data networking in human networks ◦ Opportunities and Challenges posed by modern computer networks CSY1017-Computer Communications2

3 3 Rashmi Dravid Newton N305 Tel:

4  Understanding Principles on How Computers Communicate  Emphasis on Concepts  What and How about Internet  Types of network  Network Devices  Network addressing  Internet Model  Cisco Certification ◦ CCNA Exploration CSY1017-Computer Communications 4

5  Lecture + Lab delivery ◦ Lecture – 1 hour  Common for all groups ◦ Practical – 1 hour  For individual groups  Tutorial  Lab-based practical activity  Seminar  Directed Personal Study CSY1017-Computer Communications5

6  Two elements ◦ In-course Assignment: 50%  Portfolio of lab work  Tasks integrate skills learnt in practical sessions ◦ TCA (Time Constrained Assignment) : 50%  Close book assessment based on a case study  Refer to Assessment ScheduleAssessment Schedule CSY1017-Computer Communications6

7  This module objectives of Network Fundamentals – first course in CCNA- Exploration are integrated  Access to online curriculum made available Access to online curriculum ◦ End-of-chapter assessments posted each week ◦ Practical sheets adapted where relevant  End of course exam made available CSY1017-Computer Communications7

8 Lecture notes on module web page and NILE ◦ Cisco online material ◦ CSY1017-Computer Communications8

9 9 Compter Networking – James Kurose and Keith Ross Addison Wesley, 4th edition Computer Networks and Internet with Internet Applications Prentice Hall, Fifth edition Computer Networks, Fourth edition By Andrew Tannenbaum Available at Avenue Library

10  Attendance ◦ Cause for concern, if < 75%  Three stages – stage 1,2,3  Punctuality  Engagement with module ◦ Active participation during session  Collaboration ◦ Interact with your peers  Commitment ◦ Ownership of learning CSY1017-Computer Communications10

11  Meet people with common interests in the subject area  Become member of professional bodies and attend their events ◦ BCS (British Computer Society) BCS  Information posted on webpage ◦ IEEE IEEE ◦ IET CSY1017-Computer Communications11

12 Questions? 12CSY1017-Computer Communications

13  Discuss with your peers ◦ How networks impact our daily lives ◦ Role of data networking in human networks ◦ Identify the  A. Opportunities presented  Challenges posed by modern networks CSY1017-Computer Communications13

14  Epic 2014 is the original flash online movie made by Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History What are the major landmarks?  Set in 2014 Epic 2014 charts the history of the Internet,  the evolving mediascape and  the way news and newspapers were affected by the growth in online news.  It coined the word "Googlezon" from a future merger of Google and Amazon to form ◦ the Google grid, and  speaks of news wars with the Times becoming a print only paper for the elite culminating in EPIC CSY1017-Computer Communications14

15 CSY1017-Computer Communications15

16  Using information networks to share and collaborate improves teaching and learning

17  popular communication media –Instant messaging Real time communication  between 2 or more  people based on typed text –Weblogs (Blogs) Web pages created by an individual –Podcasting Website that contains audio files available for downloading CSY1017-Computer Communications17

18  Connectivity ◦ Speed, data rate, bandwidth  Quality  Availability ◦ Fault Tolerance  Redundancy, backup.. ◦ Recovery  Mitigating Threat ◦ Security CSY1017-Computer Communications18

19  Introduction to networks lab ◦ General introduction to Cisco Academy Program ◦ Network hardware in the lab ◦ login on lab machines CSY1017-Computer Communications19

20  Computer Network Architectures ◦ Types  Centralised Systems  Distributed Systems  Client Server  Peer-to-peer ◦ Characteristics  Tiered Structure ◦ Communication networks components ◦ Challenges CSY1017-Computer Communications20

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