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What we will learn today

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0 Outdoor Fire Safety

1 What we will learn today
We will learn about keeping safe when we are around fire outdoors. This could include campfire and fireworks.

2 We have already learned that:
Fire can be a good and useful tool, if used correctly Fire can become deadly if we are not careful with it

3 How can an outdoor fire be useful?
Cook our food Keep us warm Fun to sit around and talk and sing

4 How can an outdoor fire be harmful?
Burn property and buildings Burn forests and hurt animals

5 How can we be safer around campfires?
Make sure the fire is in a dirt pit, surrounded by rocks or in other designated areas Make sure it is clear of leaves and trash that can burn and spread the fire Never use gasoline or kerosene to start or rekindle the fire

6 How can we be safer around campfires?
Make sure the campfire is away from your tent or sleeping area Only adults should start campfires When you are done with your campfire, extinguish it by covering it with water, stir it, then put more water on it

7 When cooking over an open fire:
Only adults should cook over an open fire Do not wear loose-fitting clothing that can accidentally touch the fire and ignite. Make sure your sleeves are rolled up and your shirts are tucked in Use long handled utensils or sticks when roasting hotdogs or marshmallows - only under adult supervision Don’t throw anything in the fire - don’t poke it with sticks

8 When you go camping - Make sure your tents and sleeping bags are made of flame retardant material. Look for the “flame retardant” tag on these items. Never use candles or any other open flames, including camp stoves, in or around tents. Use battery operated flashlights or lanterns in and around your tents. Place your tent upwind and a safe distance from open fires

9 Fireworks are a common site in campgrounds
There are no safe fireworks Fireworks are dangerous and can cause serious burns and other injuries Most fireworks are not legal in Michigan If you use legal fireworks, like sparklers, do so only under adult supervision

10 REMEMBER - outdoor fires are useful and safe if proper measures are taken to keep them safe.

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