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Secure Email Standard Introduction for IT Suppliers 09 June 2014 Clive Star 1.

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1 Secure Email Standard Introduction for IT Suppliers 09 June 2014 Clive Star 1

2 Background Developed to support the secure exchange of sensitive information between Health and Social Care organisations using locally managed email services Builds on the Information Governance Toolkit organisations already complete with some additional enhancements on a few of the individual baseline controls Developed with a potential to step up to meet Public Sector accreditation requirements

3 Scope Standard covers health, public health & social care in England Under the 2012 Health Act, organisations must have “due regard” for standard Standard covers email services for personal and sensitive data only Outsourced, cloud, in-house and HIS IT systems must meet service provider requirements

4 The Specification The Secure email standard is available at: Contains: –The Information Standards Notice –The Specification –The Baseline Control Set

5 Principles Aligned to ISO 27001 Independent accreditation Supports insourced and outsourced systems Organisation compliance System/Service provider compliance Clinical safety approval for the email service Organisations with Public Sector (HMG) certification do not need to accredit to this standard as well

6 IT Supplier Conformance An independently audited information security management system in relation to the email service For services using personal or sensitive data, evidence of conformance to the secure email baseline control set and pan-government or government departmental (e.g. Department of Health) security accreditation. For systems accredited prior to April 2014 this SHOULD be B-IL 3 Clinical safety approval for the email service, as per ISB 0160 Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Deployment and Use of Health IT Systems Evidence of conformance to the open standards policy

7 Meeting the Standard Achieve ISO 27001 accreditation Achieve B-IL3 departmental or pan-governmental security accreditation Register with the Public Services Network (PSN) Authority, evidencing conformance to the PSN Code of Connection. Larger suppliers will need to register as a PSN Service Provider Implement a PSN connection Comply with ISB 0160 clinical safety standardISB 0160 Evidence conformance to the Open Standards Policy

8 Guidance Security accreditation is managed by CESG in accordance with HMG IA Standard Numbers 1 & 2 – Supplement Technical Risk Assessment and Risk TreatmentCESG A CLAS consultant (CESG Listed Adviser Scheme) can advise on accreditationCLAS consultant PSN accreditation is managed by the PSN Authority Clinical safety guidance is available from the HSCICPSN Authority NHSmail has published its conformance statement that can be used as a guideconformance statement

9 Interoperability - How it will work Secure email will communicate via the GSi/PSN infrastructure All email services will need to conform to pan- government standards The HSCIC will create and administer 3 domains: – / – NHSmail – – Secure NHS systems –TBC – Secure care systems

10 Next Steps Register with so we can include you in future targeted Assess the effort to achieve B-IL3 and PSN accreditation. We estimate this is the order of ~£50k for initial accreditation and ~£20k p.a. to retain Consider employing a CLAS consultant Implement PSN connection and (if necessary) register as a PSN Service Provider Engage with HSCIC to implement clinical safety standard.

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