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Getting Started with NOOK Study & the Blackboard Integration BB Learn 9.x +

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1 Getting Started with NOOK Study & the Blackboard Integration BB Learn 9.x +

2 NOOK Study is Barnes & Noble’s free eTextbook application for your PC and Mac. It is not for the NOOK device; it is software that you install on your computer to read our eTextbooks. NOOK Study is so much than an eReader – it’s really meant to be a Study Companion for students. What is NOOK Study?

3 Benefits of using NOOK Study Displays full-color illustrations and photos with look, layout, and pagination identical to the print textbook Works on PC and Mac eTextbooks are downloadable for anytime offline access Highlight, annotate, tag, take notes, and much more! Save up to 60% off the cost of a new print book

4 NOOK STUDY – The Ultimate Study Companion for Students Highlight and annotate with a drag-and-release of your mouse Do one-click lookups of definitions or formulas from web sites such as Google and Add notes directly in your book; see a consolidated list of all your notes with just one click. Save helpful reference sites directly in your notes Search for a term in your notes, through one book or your entire library to find exactly what you’re looking for

5 NOOK STUDY – Improved Organization and Accessibility 508 Compliant for the Visually-Impaired Text-to-Speech: Reads text out loud when allowed by publisher permission. Turn on Text-to-Speech from “Settings” for NOOK Study. Keyboard Navigation: Navigate throughout the application without the use of a mouse Use the bundled Print Driver to automatically convert any document (class handouts, lecture notes) to PDF and import into NOOK Study Organize all of your course materials and eTextbooks in one central location

6 Get Started with the Blackboard Integration in 3 Easy Steps 1. Sign in to your school’s Blackboard site 2. Set up the Required Reading List for each course that you are teaching Use the “Textbooks” link in the left-hand course menu to access our “Textbooks List” tool. Find and add the titles you’ve adopted for your course. 3. Familiarize yourself with the “Link to NOOK Study” feature Go to any content area in your course, find the “Link to NOOK Study” tool, and practice creating notes that link to the free eBooks in your NOOK Study Library, an eTextbook for the course, or supplemental materials that you imported into your NOOK Study Library.

7 Textbooks List Tool Benefits: Students can see at a glance what titles are available digitally and get one- click convenience to purchase Faculty have a dedicated place in Blackboard to create a Required Reading list for their class Enables Faculty to create a Required Reading list in Blackboard Search for a book by its title, author, or ISBN to add it to the page Use the Manual Entry form to add items such as coursepacks Use the “OER Finder” link to access free online course materials related to your book Students can purchase those books (both print and digital) from your campus bookstore website with one click from Blackboard

8 Link to NOOK Study Tool Benefits: Enhances interactivity of the Blackboard environment for students Reduces confusion for students about what the reading assignments are Can create links to both eTextbooks and all digital course content (lecture notes, PDF documents, handouts, etc) Faculty can create notes in Blackboard that link directly to a page in the eTextbook or supplemental materials for the class. (e.g. “Read Chapter 3 for this week’s quiz”) Students click on the notes to launch NOOK Study and open the eTextbook or class document to the exact page that was linked. Faculty can extend this capability to embed links to reading assignments in their syllabus, lecture notes, handouts, etc.

9 How to Use the Link to NOOK Study Tool Step 1 Find the “Link to NOOK Study” tool in Blackboard: For Blackboard Learn Release 9.1: The “Link to NOOKstudy” tool can be found under two menus: “Add Interactive Tools” menu and “Build Content” menu which you can access from any Content page in the Blackboard platform. For Blackboard Learn Release 9.0: The “Link to NOOKstudy” tool can be found under the “More” menu. You may see it listed twice – this is an oddity with R9.0. Both links do work.

10 How to Use the Link to NOOK Study Tool Step 2 Create a note for your students: If Chapter 3 of the book was going to be on this week’s quiz, name your note something like “Read Chapter 3 for this week’s quiz”. Name your note something descriptive so that students who didn’t opt for the digital version of the book can still follow along. If you link to handouts and materials you distributed via Blackboard, encourage your students to load those documents into NOOK Study ahead of time. Add a Description to your note if needed.

11 How to Use the Link to NOOK Study Tool Step 3 Link to a page or section of the eTextbook or class document: Open your eTextbook or class document in NOOK Study. You can either create a link to a selection or create a link to the page. The link will be copied to your computer’s Clipboard. Go back to Blackboard and paste the link into the form. Submit the form and now the note to your students is done!

12 Question: Are NOOK Study eTextbooks readable on NOOK devices? No, not at this time. Textbooks tend to be very complex – they have a lot of pictures and diagrams, and those don’t show well on a small screen like a smartphone or b/w screen. We hope to make eTextbooks available for the new NOOK Color device after the Fall. Commonly Asked Questions Question: What eTextbook purchase options do you offer? Our eTextbooks can be available for purchase, meaning you own the book outright, rental for 180 days, or both, depending on what the publisher has allowed. If you’d like to keep a book past the rental period, you may be able to purchase the book outright after the 180 day period. Question: Does NOOK Study work on the iPad? We are working on iPad and Android- compatible versions of NOOK Study for this Fall. Stay tuned! Question: Can you download an eTextbook onto more than one computer? Yes, you can download an eTextbook on up to two (2) computers. All your notes, highlights, and annotations will automatically sync between the two computers because they are all saved to the BN “cloud”.

13 NOOK Study Blackboard Faculty Guide: Additional Resources: Pre-recorded webinar demonstrating NOOK Study & the Blackboard Integration: D=55706457&rKey=04714c9dd46e0b12 How-to videos:

14 NOOK Study: please contact BN Customer Service at 1-800-THE-BOOK NOOK Study Blackboard: please contact Need Help? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

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