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Textbook Scavenger hunt

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1 Textbook Scavenger hunt

2 Textbook : Modern world history
Author: Roger B. Beck, Linda Black, Larry S. Krieger, Phillip C. Naylor, Dahia Ibo Shabaka. Publisher: McDougal Littell

3 Table of Contents Begins on page ix – xxv
Explains what each chapter consists of Helps you find information faster Units 1-5, chapters 1-20 with introduction and epilogue

4 Standards Begins on page xxxv through xxxiv
Lists each California State Standard which you are responsible for. Also listed at the beginning of each chapter and section. Will have main standard and each substandard which you will be assessed on.

5 Atlas Begins on page A1 – A47 Maps of different parts of the world
Some maps are at different points during world history (I.E. Asia during the 1900) Will always have a compass to let you know about direction, a key to indicate what the colors or symbols represent. Will always have a title to let you know what the map respresents Different type of maps. Name some.

6 Index List of all terms, places, people, and key ideas found in the textbook. Almost everything we will discuss can be found in the index. If there is an “I” that means there is a picture. “M” refers to maps and “c” is a chart. The pages that it can be found on are listed. There may be more than one page listed.

7 Glossary Alphabetical listing of many key terms from the chapter with the definition. Parts of speech are included as well as page numbers In the text, bolded words are found within the glossary. A Spanish glossary is added as well. Every definition in English is located in the Spanish section.

8 Primary Source Text taken directly from the source.
Include background information to the the excerpt reading. Questions on the bottom to understand that text better.

9 Maps! And timelines!

10 Types of maps Name as many different types of maps as possible! Describe what is on each map and how they are different than other maps!

11 Political Map

12 Physical Map

13 Population Map

14 Watch the world change!

15 What if the map looked like this?

16 Map VOCAB! Latitude – imaginary lines which run east and west on a map which measure the distance north or south of the equator Equator – the imaginary line which is located at the circumference of the earth and runs east-west.

17 More Map Vocab! Longitude - imaginary lines which run north and south on a map which measure the distance east or west of the prime meridian Prime Meridian - the imaginary line which is located at the circumference of the earth and runs north-south.

18 How we divide the world Hemispheres!
Haves of the globe divided by the circumference. Name the 4 different hemispheres!

19 Let’s review! Draw and label the following terms on the globe. Equator
Prime Meridian Hemispheres Two latitude lines (label the degrees as best as possible) Two longitude lines (label the degrees as best as possible)

20 How do we tell time and read time?

21 What is BC, AD, BCE, and CE? “Before Christ”. Refers to a date so many years before the birth of Jesus Christ. “Anno Domini” (“in the year of the lord”). Refers to a date so many years after the birth of Jesus Christ. “Before the Common Era” and “Common Era” These terms correspond to B.C. and A.D., respectively. 10 years. (For example: The 1930s was a decade of economic depression in many parts of the world.) 100 years. Note that the first century A.D. refers to the years 1 to 100. So, the twentieth century refers to the years (For example: The fall of China’s Han Empire in 220 AD was an important event in the third century.

22 Organize the following events from earliest to latest
1787 A.D. U.S. Constitution is written 509 B.C.= Romans choose representative government. 1790 A.D.= French National Assembly issues the Declaration of the Rights of Man 461 B.C.E= Pericles begins reform in Greece. Plot your birth date 533 C.E.= Justinian’s legal code completed. 2013 C.E.= Mr. Luyau moves to LA.

23 Exit Ticket Question How will you use the textbook and its different types of resources including maps and primary documents. Give specific examples how you will use the textbook in order to be successful in class.

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