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Welcome to your textbooks interactive website!

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1 Welcome to your textbooks interactive website!
Log-on to

2 Access, continued Do you have a Pearson code? “No”
Create a log-in. Make it something you’ll remember! Create a password WRITE THEM DOWN somewhere! Your code is: SSNAST-AUXIL-BLAND-HENNA-HIGHS-TUNES SSNAST-SHELL-BLAND-HENNA-FRONT-AIDES SSNAST-MUSIL-BLAND-HENNA-ORACY-ADOWA Account Info: Put in an address that I can send you messages on.

3 Log-in Directions continued…
Select “United States” School Zip = 20901 School Name = “Other” Other School Name = “Montgomery Blair High School” School City = “Silver Spring”, School State = MD Pick a security question and answer it.

4 Log-in directions continued
Confirmation & Summary: Print your page to remember all your log-in info Click “Join a class”: cm for Swaney/AP Comp Govt A, Period 2 cm for Swaney/AP Comp Govt A, Period 3 cm for Swaney/AP Comp Govt A, Period 7 Click “Enter class now” Check the upper right corner to make sure your log-in and class information are correct

5 Navigating the website
Click on “Class info” in upper right corner. I will leave messages there for the class. Click on “Grade Tracker” in upper right corner. Your scores on text quizzes and tests will show up there, and I can read and track them as well. Click “Back” once

6 Navigating the website, cont.
Click on “Select Chapter” in the upper left corner and click Go Click on Chapter 1: Issues in Comparative Politics Take some time to walk through the chapter resources on the left side. Learning objectives -- Flashcards Chapter summary -- Mult Choice/T-F

7 Comparing Political Landscapes
Then click on “Comparative Exercises” View the Comparative Exercises Do the “Comparing Political Landscapes” exercise on your own

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