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Of Political Institutions GREAT BRITAIN Huey Shih.

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1 of Political Institutions GREAT BRITAIN Huey Shih

2 BRITAIN USES A Parliamentary System (No Separation of Powers)

3 PARLIAMENT (It’s Bicameral) House of Lords and HOUSE OF COMMONS

4 HOUSE OF LORDS Members are not elected By the public Lords Temporal Lords Spiritual


6 House of Commons 650 Members Majority Party Loyal Opposition Many smaller parties First Past the Post





11 PRIME MINISTER & CABINET David “First Among Equals” Cameron Elected as leader of the majority party Appoint s Cabinet members

12 The Crown Gives royal assent to bills Ceremonial Head of State Meets foreign heads of stateOpens Parliament Formally appoints members of the House of Lords Commander-in-chief

13 THE BUREAUCRAC Y Stable and powerful Discretionary power Experts in the field Long term Advise ministers “Oxbridge”

14 THE JUDICIARY Parliamentary sovereignty Common law Uk supreme court Independent, impartial, and neutral

15 Political parties conservativeLiberal democrats labour Sinn Fein of Northern Ireland Plaid Cymru of Wales respect allianceGreen Democratic unionist party Scottish national party

16 David Cameron ED MILLIBAND NICK clegg

17 Labour party 1997 to 2010 Loss of 1992 election Began in 1906 Trade unions and socialist groups

18 Conservative party Noblesse oblige World war II and 1997 Traditional wing Thatcherite wing right

19 Liberal democrats Merged liberals and social democrats Proportional representation Bill of rights Goal: establish strong middle party left

20 “First Past the Post” elections “Winner Take All” Fixed term parliaments act (2011) Party selects running candidate MP’s don’t have to live in district

21 Parliamentary System The is…

22 Common Law The is…

23 Lords Temporal The is…

24 First Past the Post The is…

25 Labour Party The is…

26 Speaker of the House The is…

27 Parliamentary Sovereignty The is…

28 Vote of Confidence The is…

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