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China-Britain Business Council Development & Opportunities in PRD/South China Simon Shen Chief Representative China-Britain Business Council, Shenzhen.

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2 China-Britain Business Council Development & Opportunities in PRD/South China Simon Shen Chief Representative China-Britain Business Council, Shenzhen


4 China-Britain Business Council Pearl River Delta (PRD) Source: HK TDC Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Foshan Zhongshan Zhuhai Jiangmen Huizhou Zhaoqing

5 China-Britain Business Council PRD PRD% of Guangdong Province Land Area (Sq.KM) 54,756 30.5% 0.6% Interim Census Population (Mn) 47.72 49.5% 3.5% GDP (Bn USD) 428.29 80.8% 9.9% GDP per capita (USD) 9,419 5,763 3,311 Total trade (Bn USD) 656.74 96.1% 25.6% Exports (Bn USD) 387.11 95.8% 27.1% Imports (Bn USD) 269.63 96.% 23.7% FDI (Bn USD) 16.92 88.3% 18.3% (statistics 2008) The Importance of PRD in Guangdong and China PRD% of Chinese Mainland

6 China-Britain Business Council Cities in and around Guangdong – how they compare CityGDP (bn)Growth RateGDP per capita Guangzhou161.9011.0%13,015 Shenzhen145.2012.0%13,754 Foshan86.0814.0%11,795 Zhuhai19.5028.3%10,220 Dongguan64.8210.3%8,289 Changsha68.7015.5%8,202 Xiamen31.3532.2%9,374 Shanghai257.599.9%11,365 Beijing210.3510.2%10,077 Currency: USD(2010)

7 China-Britain Business Council New Development Plan for PRD The Outline of the Plan for Reform and Development of the PRD (2008-2020) Aim: one of the world’s most important and competitive regional economies and the most dynamic and competitive city groups in Asia Objective: develop advanced manufacturing and modern services, as well as globally advanced capabilities in scientific innovation Targets by 2020: Total GDP 7250Bn RMB(USD1,106 Bn ~ Korea) GDP per capita of RMB 135,000 (US$20,610~Taiwan) Services Industry accounts for 60% of GDP Urbanization rate 85% Life Expectancy 80 years

8 China-Britain Business Council Business Opportunities in PRD Infrastructure, including transport, tourism and public facilities Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Environmental Industries / Clean Technologies Hi-tech, Higher Value Added Manufacturing Heavier Industries / Advanced Engineering Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Financial and Business Professional Services Hi-end Services Outsourcing – ITO,BPO etc. Retail and Luxury Goods

9 China-Britain Business Council City Clusters in PRD by 2020 - 1 hour economic circle - 1 hour economic circle Shenzhen Zhuhai Jiangmen Zhongshan Foshan Zhao- qing Macao Hong Kong Dongguan Guangzhou Huizhou

10 China-Britain Business Council Shenzhen & Hong Kong - a tale of 2 cities

11 China-Britain Business Council Shenzhen – the Open-door Miracle A fishing village with only 3000 people, 2 streets and 7 cars in 1980s Now a modern city with 14 Mn population and beautiful skylines GDP totaled CNY 951 Bn (USD145Bn) in 2010, up by 12% GDPCNY No.4 after BJ/SH/GZ in terms of comprehensive economic power Trade volume have been No.1 for the last 18 consecutive years (14% of China’s total in 2010), and export exceeded USD200 Bn in 2010 4 th biggest container port in the world after Shanghai Shenzhen Stock Exchange – one of the only 2 stock market in China SZ Asia Emission Right Exchange, perhaps Carbon Exchange next?

12 China-Britain Business Council Events and Opportunities in SZ 26 th Summer Universiade in August 2011 China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF), 16-21 Nov 2011 China International Cultural Industry Fair (CICIF) in May First “City of Design” in China entitled by UNESCO in 2008 City of Innovation – Hi-tech industry accounts for 32% of GDP 4 pillar industries & 3 emerging sectors – new industrial structure Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou integration under PRD Blueprint Plan Cooperation between Shenzhen & Hong Kong – a tale of two cities

13 China-Britain Business Council New Strategy, New Target 4 Pillar Industries: Hi-tech, Financial Services, Logistics and Culture 3 Emerging Sectors: Bio-pharm, Internet and New Energy will be the new economic engines driving Shenzhen’s next phase of development Bio-pharm: 43Bn in 2009 to 200Bn in 2015 (Mindray, Huada, Neptunus) Internet: 12% of China total in 2009 to 200Bn in 2015 (Tencent, Xunlei, Mango, Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei & ZTE hardware/networks) New Energy: 39 Bn in 2009 to 250 Bn in 2015 (Nuclear 50%, LED, solar film battery, wind power, low carbon vehicle and energy storage-BYD) Total GDP of the above 3 industries will be 650Bn ($100 Bn) in 2015

14 China-Britain Business Council New Challenges, New Opportunities According to SZ’s redevelopment plan, total GDP will exceed 1500Bn ($229 Bn) in 2015 compared to 951Bn ($145 Bn) in 2010 GDP per capita will exceed $20,000 - about the same level of an average developed country in the west This also means that it will create another SZ in the next 5 years in terms of the scale of economy Therefore, a lot of opportunities for UK companies to participate and win during the course of redevelopment

15 China-Britain Business Council Guangzhou & Foshan

16 China-Britain Business Council Asian Games successfully held in Nov 2010 GZ will prioritize development of high-end service industries, advanced manufacturing bases, enhance the innovation capacity and take lead in setting up a modern industrial system Foshan will be mainly focusing on manufacturing of Auto Parts, Ceramics, Metal Products, Furniture and Electric Home Appliances as well as services outsourcing First inter city metro system between 2 cities in operation in 2010 High speed rail links with other provinces/cities: Changsha/Wuhan (3/4 hours); Guilin/Nanning (3 hours) Zhuhai (45 min.) ; Shenzhen (25 min.) & Hong Kong(40 min.) The Greater Guang-Fo Economic Circle

17 China-Britain Business Council Zhuhai & Macao Pair

18 China-Britain Business Council Increasing competitiveness with completion of the Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau bridge in 2015 and Guangzhou-Zhuhai MRT in 2010 Strong industrial sectors: medical equipment, bio-pharm, ICT and household appliances, energy, education & training, R&D Emerging sectors: low carbon development, petrochemicals, yacht manufacturing, aerospace, logistics, creative industry, and tourism Integration at the west bank – gateway to west GD and SW China New Development Projects Hengqing Island (cooperation with Macau) Gaolan Port (gateway for west PRD) Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park (the Air Show) Fly the West Wing of PRD

19 China-Britain Business Council West Coast Economic Zone & ECFA Fuzhou Zhejiang Jiangxi GuangdongTaiwan FUJIAN Quanhou Zhangzhou Xiamen South China Sea

20 China-Britain Business Council Xiamen – Business Center Across the Taiwan Strait The city in China with best logistics, trade and investment links with Taiwan. FDI accounts for 80% of its GDP The 4 th largest trading port in China after Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou; Service sector accounts for 45.3% Industrial strengths include ICT, advance engineering and chemical compositions for optical industries. China Intl’ Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), 8-11 Sep Emerging opportunities brought by ECFA include: Supply chain on aviation and aerospace, Infrastructure projects ICT, Environment Protection, Advanced engineering Creative, media and animation, Property development projects

21 China-Britain Business Council Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster in Hunan Inter-City Light Rail Plan Changsha Xiangtan Zhuhou

22 China-Britain Business Council Business Opportunities Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster is a State Pilot Zone for building a resource-conserving and environment friendly society Target by 2020: GDP per capita of USD16,800 and an urbanization rate of 80% Changsha is a pilot city under the UK-China Sustainability City MOU Business opportunities in the region include: Urban planning, master planning and land marks building design Transport design - light rail system, airport & highway expansion Riverbank reconstruction and environmental protection services Power transmission & distribution and generation – new energy ICT infrastructure development & financial services system Emissions Trading – SO2, COD to CO2

23 China-Britain Business Council Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Nanning Qinzhou FangchengBeihai Viet Nam Guangdong Beibuwan Gulf Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Yunnan Guizhou Hunan

24 China-Britain Business Council Rapid Development under CAFTA Establishment of Guangxi Beibuwan Gulf Economic Zone (Nanning, Beihai, Qinzhou and Fangchenggang) in Jan 2008 Strong Sectors in the region: Infrastructure, Petrochemical, Paper Making, Energy and Environment, Heavy Machinery, Pharmaceutical and Medicine, Sugar etc. A bridge between China and ASEAN & gateway to South West China China–ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) & CA-Expo CAFTA was realized in January, 2010 with a population of 1.9 billion. First free trade agreement signed by China that would provide zero tariff on 90 percent of the products traded between China and ASEAN plus other favorable policies on trade and investment. What does it mean for UK companies?

25 China-Britain Business Council UK Trade and Investment in PRD UK is the largest European investor in Guangdong with accumulated investment of US$ 3.6 billion The largest foreign investment project in China is the UK-invested Shell project in Huizhou; other UK companies include: Arup, Atkins, BG, BP, B&Q, BT, GSK, SHBC, SC, Promethean, Elstat etc UK is the country of choice for South China companies investing in Europe and both are natural partners in financial services China continues to be an important source of inward investment into the UK (over 200 companies to date, many from South China) Companies invested in UK include Midea, Huawei, ZTE, HYT, Mindray, CMB etc.

26 China-Britain Business Council China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) UK’s leading independent source of China business information, advice, consultancy and services for UK industry 50 years history, non-profit membership organization Business-led partnership between government and industry Promote opportunities in China to companies in the UK Help companies from the UK enter the Chinese market Delivery of services for UKTI – OMIS, events, enquiries 9 offices in UK and 11 offices across China Successful merge of CBBC & BCCC in 2010 Our Mission is to help the UK companies win business in China

27 China-Britain Business Council CBBC Helps British Business Assess the market Providing advice & info, conducting research and organizing events Enter the market CBBC services, i.e. Launchpad, Rep Offices, Company Incorporation Location Study, Employment Selection, Translation & Interpreters Maintain a successful strategy Government relations, Lobbying, Networking events, Links with British Chambers of Commerce, Embassy & Consulates and other organizations Communicate with Members Focus, Website, Emails & Newsletters, Events, Regional cities visit

28 China-Britain Business Council CBBC Assists Chinese Companies through Strong relationships with regions, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations Welcome visiting delegations from China and rganize events and business meetings for the delegations from China CBBC membership & services to expand business networks in UK

29 China-Britain Business Council Thank You ! T: +86 (0)755-8293 1247F: +86 (0)755-8219 3159 E: China-Britain Business Council Shenzhen Office

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