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10/10/2014 Presentation title 1. Stephen Metti Head UK Trade & Investment British Trade & Cultural Office Taipei.

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1 10/10/2014 Presentation title 1

2 Stephen Metti Head UK Trade & Investment British Trade & Cultural Office Taipei

3 Explore Export - Taiwan  Headline Statistics  Trade & Investment  Business Opportunities  Taiwan and China  Next Steps  Contact

4 Headline Statistics Taiwan GDP: US$401bn Average 8% annual GDP growth over last three decades Global Ranking: 23 rd GNP per capita: US$19,046 Major export partners: China (27.1%), Hong Kong (15.1%), US (11.3%), Europe (11.6%), ASEAN (15.3%) Major import partners: Japan (21.5%), China +HK (15%), US (10.8%), Europe (9.7%), ASEAN (10.8%) Foreign Exchange Reserves: 4 th largest Globally (US$363 billion)

5 Trade & Investment UK-Taiwan Bilateral Trade: £5 billion+ in 2010 UK exports to Taiwan: Higher than to Thailand, and more than UK exports to Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines combined Over 300 UK companies in Taiwan: HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Mott MacDonald, BP Over 180 Taiwanese companies in the UK: ACER, Asus, HC, Evergreen

6 Business Opportunities  ‘i-Taiwan’: £80bn major programme of infrastructure projects.  Urban Regeneration: In 2010 the Taiwanese government announced a budget of £35million to promote urban regeneration. The central government will issue international tenders for 10 pilot projects for major cities, and 40 pilot urban regeneration project in communities.  Sustainable Building/ECO City: Taiwan’s Green Building Policy encourages the building of healthy ecological living environments that save energy and reduce waste. Tenders will be announced in August 2011 to develop four pilot ECO City projects, each with a contract value of £215m over four years, plus a low carbon island.  Renewable Energy: From 2011-14 Taiwan is investing £150m in developing offshore wind capability/energy generation. This is a key component of Taiwan’s investments of up to 1 per cent of its GDP in green technology (around £23 billion) by 2015. Given Taiwan’s geography and environment opportunities also exist in marine energy (tidal, wave and current).  Air City – Construction of terminal three and third runway at Taoyuan International Airport. Estimated value of £8 billion. 10/10/2014

7 Business Opportunities Financial and Professional Services (HSBC, SCB, Aberdeen Asset Management, Ernst & Young) Rail (Invensys, Lloyd’s Register, Mott MacDonald, Brecknell Willis) Education (Linguaphone) ICT (Communications projects) Low Carbon (WSP, BSI) Creative Industries (Arup, Foster, Benoy) Consumer Goods (Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker, Scotch Whisky) 10/10/2014

8 Taiwan - China  Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement Signed June 2010 “Early harvest list” of tariff concessions covers 539 Taiwanese products and 267 mainland Chinese goods. China will also open markets in 11 service sectors such as banking, securities, insurance, hospitals and accounting. Taiwan agreed to offer wider access in nine areas including financial services, creative industries and media.  80,000 Taiwanese companies in China  370 direct flights weekly  1.5 million Chinese visited Taiwan in 2010 10/10/20148

9 Next Steps Prepare Research Visit Taiwan Identify and introduce you business partners and contacts Meet us – knowledge, briefing, access Network Build relations Win business Participate Renewable Energy mission visiting UK. June 2011 Design Expo, Taipei. October 2011 Low Carbon Seminar and Workshop, Kaohsiung. November 2011 Taiwan British Business Council meeting (TBBC). May 2012

10 Contact Stephen Metti, Head UKTI Taipei British Trade & Cultural Office 26th Floor, President International Building 9-11 Song Gao Road Taipei 11073 Tel: +886 (0)2 8758 2088, Fax: +886 (0)2 8758 2050

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