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Mount Auburn Hospital Telecommunications 2013 Bob Todd Director, IT Dorothy Williams Telecommunications Supervisor

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1 Mount Auburn Hospital Telecommunications 2013 Bob Todd Director, IT Dorothy Williams Telecommunications Supervisor Agenda Items: o Orientation

2 Agenda Telecommunications Department Reference Tools Paging Tools Telephones Paging Alarms and Codes

3 Telecommunications Department Location: Needham Bldg 6th Floor - *Elevator access only* Staffed 24x7x365 Contact:  Operator (Ext 0 or 617-492-3500)  Page Operator (Ext 5005 or 617-499-5005)  Automated Paging (Ext 5110 or 617-499-5110)  Automated Directory Assistance (Ext 5665 or 617-499-5665) You can reach ANY 4 digit extension directly via his number!  Voicemail (Ext 5665 or 617-499-5665)  Emergency Line Ext 22 - *Bypasses all other calls Department Processes:  Emergency/Codes via “22” Line  Alarms  Patient Telephones  Paging (Plus repairs, loaners, batteries, etc)  Oncall Schedule and Pager Signout  Patient Information - Off Hours  Incoming/Outgoing Telephone Calls

4 Reference Tools Intranet Portal  Available internally and externally  Note Category Tabs upper right of page Telecommunications Intranet Page  “Telecommunications” from ‘General’ tab Red Tag with ID Badge  Emergency Numbers  Code List Employee Directory  Hard Copy  Online under “Directories” on Telecommunications Page

5 Telephones Secured vs Nonsecured Phones  Secured have limited dialing allowed; often no outside calls  Call Operator if needed “This is Dr X Requesting Outside line For Mount Auburn Business” Contacting Physicians at Home/Off Hours  Call Operator to Request  Operator calls Physician  Calls are “Linked” Together to join you with physician Manuals for Phone Models  Telecommunications Intranet page  Phone User Guides from Blue Horizontal Menu Bar Parked Calls  Call to Ext 2050-2065 Indicate Calls On Hold Waiting  Two minute limit on Hold Call back from outside the hospital via 617-499-5665 TTY Available in ED and Portable Unit in Telecommunications

6 Alarms & Codes Call Ext 22 for Code, Stat, Medical Emergency  Bypasses other calls  Monitored by Protection Services and Telecommunications  So avoid using zero or 5005 - dial “22” for emergencies Code Pagers Tested Daily at 11:00am Reference:  Code Committee  Red Tag with ID Badge

7 Paging Tools Information References on Mount Auburn Intranet   ‘General’ Tab/”Telecommunications”/”Pagers” Terminology Pager Management Options  Intranet  Telephone  Telecommunications Department Mount Auburn “AMCOM” System vs Vendor USAMobility Remote Access from Outside the Hospital

8 Telecommunications Pagers “General” Tab

9 Pager Terminology Pager ID or Messaging ID: 4 Digit ID Assigned to Pagers by Mount Auburn Telecommunications AMCOM: The Vendor and Software for Mount Auburn Paging. USAMobility: Vendor for “Long Range” pager rentals. Pages broadcast via the vendors national transmitter network. http://usamobility.com Inhouse/Short Range Pager: Pagers owned by Mount Auburn with Transmission broadcast via Mount Auburn’s in-house transmitters. Pager Status: 1) Available on page. 2) Available, page emergency only. 4) In OR, messages being stored. 5) Unavailable, messages being stored. 6) On Vacation, call page operator. Exceptions: Rerouting of Pages  Coverage: Forward pages to another Pager ID  Referral: Direct users to a phone # to dial  Page Block: Prevent pages from being sent to a Pager ID Directory Information: Name, address, title, department/contact information on file with Mount Auburn Hospital Telecommunications Department

10 Pager Management Via: Intranet Access Method:   “Pager” Icon Atop Screen  “Personal Profile” Tab  Enter Your 4 Digit Mount Auburn Pager ID and Your Password Items You Can Manage Here  Review “Directory” Information on file with Telecommunications  Pager Status  Exceptions  Review pages sent to your pager  Change Your Password (default password is pager id with last digit repeated)

11 Intranet: Status Change

12 Intranet: Exception Management

13 Pager Management Via: Telephone Access Method:  Ext 5110 (or 617-499-5110 from outside the hospital)  Enter “*” and Your 4 digit Mount Auburn Pager id (Ex *7002)  Enter Your Password Items You Can Manage Here  Pager Status  Exceptions  Record a “Name” to be heard by those paging you via phone Suggestion “Dr. John Smith, Pager ID 7002”  Change Your Password (default password is pager id with last digit repeated)

14 Pager Management Via: Telecommunications Dept Access Method:  Pager Operator at Ext 5005 (617-499-5005 from outside the hospital) For Exceptions, Loaner Requests, and Brief Questions  Contact Dorothy Williams or Bob Todd for: Project Requests Directory Modifications Password Related Issues  Located on the 6 th Floor of The Needham Building – Only Accessible Via Elevator Bank “A” Items You Can Manage Here  All Aspects of your Account

15 AMCOM vs USAMobility Recommendations  In Most Case use MAH’s AMCOM for Paging Recognizes Exceptions and Statuses Records Pages in Accessible Logs MAH Telecommunications can monitor errors and alerts Most of MAH Telecommunications management is lost without AMCOM  Uses for USAMobility Mobility Significant MAH Telecommunications Downtime:  Only if MAH Telecommunications Primary and Backup Systems are down.  Does not recognize Exceptions, Statuses, Informal Situations on file with MAH Telecommunications. Note: Some Answering Services Use USAM services Email to Pager:  Just Use Subject line and email to 10 digit pager  Limited capacity. Full email will not transmit Carbon Copy:  Echoes Page to an email or SMS TXT capable device.  MAPS Practice Manager or USAM Can Assist with this.  Additional monthly Fees

16 Remote Access to AMCOM  Remote Access: 617-499-5110 for “Telephone” features SSL VPN Required for “Intranet” features  Remote Intranet Access from Outside the Caregroup Network Requires “ITS” Caregroup Username/Password  Same credentials used for Outlook Email and CITRIX access See Instructions in the “Pager” Menu of the Telecommunications intranet page of Mount Auburn Hospital

17 Welcome to Mount Auburn Hospital!

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