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Dr Esther Wilkinson TNE Business Development Janet Scotland Strategic and Technical Briefing 10 July 2014 Beyond the Borders: Transnational Education.

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1 Dr Esther Wilkinson TNE Business Development Janet Scotland Strategic and Technical Briefing 10 July 2014 Beyond the Borders: Transnational Education

2 Transnational Education (TNE) is the provision of education for students based in a country other than the one in which the awarding institution is located (QAA, Dec 2013) Type of TNE Activity (HESA): -Overseas branch of UK awarding institution -Overseas partnership: -students registered at UK institution -students registered at overseas institution -Distance learning (may involve in-country support centre) What is ‘Transnational Education’?

3 The UK is the world’s second largest (13% of market), and fastest growing (7% p.a.), provider of international education The UK’s education exports, now worth over £18bn (2012), are the UK’s fifth largest export, and the fastest growing Transnational education (TNE) is currently a relatively small component of this (£<1bn), but investment is growing rapidly owing to the background economics, demographics and policy environment that are supportive of TNE as a delivery model UK Education Exports and TNE

4 The UK TNE policy environment

5 Network connectivity and services are just as critical to delivery of TNE as they are for ‘NE’, but more the issues are more complex Network connectivity is a critical consideration: – Today the delivery of education, and the back office functions that supports it, requires access to appropriate networked resources – Not having appropriate network connectivity can result in serious issues, such as reputational damage and significant, unbudgeted costs – Organising appropriate connectivity to branch campuses can be complex and expensive in the TNE markets of interest overseas – It can also be difficult to arrange connectivity in a partnership model, where the partner’s understanding of ‘appropriate’ may differ from a UK view Having appropriate connectivity will: – Facilitate delivery of TNE – Enable integration of ICT across UK and overseas operations – Reduce costs and risks to business Janet’s role….. – Delivering appropriate connectivity to the global TNE locations of interest to our community Why the network matters to TNE

6 ‘Janet will help to enable its community to deliver its TNE activities within the global markets of interest. We will achieve this by extending Janet to overseas locations through the development of new delivery partnerships and infrastructure, and by providing advice and promoting opportunities for collaboration. Where possible we will leverage existing assets as far as possible, and particularly those operated by other international research & education networks, but we will always select the most cost-effective and appropriate mechanism to meet our customers’ needs.’ Janet TNE Support Strategy

7 Market Intelligence Develop a comprehensive understanding of the community’s requirements Delivery Models Janet Global Partnership: Strategic Alliances on TNE Janet Global Connect: Janet-delivered connections to global locations New Pilot Projects Develop TNE Product & Service Portfolio Business Plan Establish Janet’s ongoing commitment to customer requirements 2015-onwards Janet TNE Support Programme

8 Market Intelligence Develop an understanding of the community’s TNE activities today, and the medium and long term requirements  Commissioned OBHE  Focus groups and interviews with 30+ HEIs in Jan/Feb  detailed questionnaire issued to all HEIs in July  Report to be published in autumn 2014

9 Partnerships with other research & education networks whose communities are active in transnational education First Strategic Alliance agreed with CERNET, the Chinese Higher Education network, in December 2013, making the best use of the high-speed London- Beijing ORIENTplus connection Currently discussing similar partnerships elsewhere Delivery Models: Janet Global Partnership

10 Commercial ISP connections overseas procured and managed by Janet Leverages Janet’s expertise in procurement of connectivity, our global transit, and private peerings First connection delivered to the Universities of Newcastle and Southampton at EduCity, Malaysia; several others being negotiated or discussed Delivery Models: Janet Global Connect

11 BIS Industrial Strategy 2013 The Shape of Things to Come I (British Council) 2012 The Shape of Things to Come II (British Council) 2013 HESA 2012/13 Janet 2014- ? Priority Countries Brazil China Colombia India Indonesia Mexico Saudi Arabia Turkey The Gulf China India USA Brazil Indonesia Nigeria Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore UAE Qatar South Korea UAE Malaysia Pakistan Singapore Dubai/UAE Sri Lanka Mauritius Pakistan Botswana Ghana Brazil Indonesia Saudi Arabia Delivery Models: New Pilot Projects

12 Talk to your International Offices about planned TNE activities, and the importance of addressing network connectivity early in the planning stages! Want to understand more about the technical infrastructure behind the Pilot Projects? Talk to Janet….. Completion of OBHE-Janet TNE Connectivity Requirements Survey. If you haven’t received this – talk to Janet….. Current or planned activities in China or Malaysia? Talk to Janet….. Specific TNE activities planned? Talk to Janet….. Over to you…….

13 Janet Community Site ‘Transnational Education Support Programme’ Esther Wilkinson 01235 582124 Further Information

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