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Eduroam Forum Networkshop41 9 th April 2013. Welcome Edward Wincott eduroam Service Manager

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1 eduroam Forum Networkshop41 9 th April 2013

2 Welcome Edward Wincott eduroam Service Manager

3 Housekeeping Locations of fire exists and assembly point No alarm test or evacuation practice scheduled Please switch mobiles off or put them to silent

4 eduroam usage in the UK Chart shows the monthly counts of the number of individual devices whose authentication traffic was handled by the national proxy servers and which achieved successful authentications This represents a true picture of the growth in inter-institutional roaming within the UK In March 2013 there were over 210,000 individual devices seen by the NRPS – an average of 1,030 devices per operational organisation

5 UK Membership Currently over 220 member organisations 140 of these are HEIs 81% of UK HEI – most have operational services A growing number of Further Education colleges Membership grows by c. 4 organisations/month Joiners from FE, HE, research, others (teaching hospitals, visited: museums, commericals, managed accommodation service providers)

6 International Roaming Communication matrix data for federation uk top 10 from 2012-06-05 to 2012-06-12 authentications handled by ETLRs Country Diff. realms OK United Kingdom (uk) JANET677605520 Netherlands (nl) SURFnet378046 Germany (de) DFN12611382 Spain (es) RedIRIS615015 France (fr) RENATER/CRU615281 Poland (pl) PIONIER/U.Tourn135774 Australia (au) AARNet281572 Denmark (dk) UNI-C362019 Sweden (se) SUNET263257 Portugal (pt) FCCN533070

7 eduroam in Europe For interactive maps: all Europe: untry.php?country=europe Individual countries: untry.php?country=uk or =de =fr =es etc.

8 Where are we going Currently 81% UK HE members – some of these still to implement Increasing membership - Further Education and others Expanding the footprint – museums, libraries, hospitals, transport, public spaces. Reliability and performance of National Infrastructure – further improvements in progress Improving the quality of existing site deployments – further tools becoming available… and together with the Q&A session, this is the theme for this morning

9 This Morning’s Programme Programme 10:00 - 10:10 Welcome to eduroam Forum (Edward Wincott, Janet) 10:10 - 10:25 Moving to a WPA2/AES only eduroam network why continuing support for TKIP is bad news (Dr Alan Buxey, Loughborough University) 10:25 - 10:40 Improving the effectiveness of RADIUS logging - implementing CUI (Scott Armitage, Loughborough University) 10:40 - 10:55Enhancing international roaming performance - NAPTR Records in DNS (Dr Alan Buxey, Loughborough University) 10:55 - 11:10 eduroam QoS Probe prototype (Scott Armitage, Loughborough University) 11:10 - 12:00 Q & A with Panel of Experts

10 Poll Who is absolutely sure their eduroam network is 100% AES? Who is sure their eduroam network still supports TKIP? Don’t know?

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