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Kevin Sharp Customer Engagement Manager Janet, Public Access & The Cloud.

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1 Kevin Sharp Customer Engagement Manager Janet, Public Access & The Cloud

2 In the course of reviewing BCE guidlelines it became clear that there was an interest in finding a mechanism to allow customers to offer public access to the Internet via Janet. Currently Janet is classified as a private network and therefore is exempt from some legislation that affects networks that allow public access (in particular to retain data about use of the network, to report to regulators on resilience and security and, in future, to deal in prescribed ways with misuse by our users and their equipment). Background

3 What & Why Public Access? Anything that requires internet access outside the scope of “standard” provision (including eduroam)

4 The project took three phases: Requirements Gathering – 98% of respondents indicated a requirement in this area,. – The key factor is they trust/expect Janet to go through due process to identify the best solution and deliver it in the most cost effective manner. Identification of potential solutions – Regulatory compliance – Janet owned & operated “public access infrastructure” – A market solution Implementation – Policy amendment – The Cloud chosen as a non-exclusive partner Identifying a solution

5 1.The point-to-point tunnel must be established from the Janet customer’s premises to an Internet Access Provider (e.g a commercial ISP) with whom the customer has an agreement; 2.The tunnel must be encrypted between its endpoints, so that no traffic from members of the public is carried on the Janet IP service 3.Users of the service must be authenticated, either by the Janet customer or its partner Internet Access Provider; 4.Traffic from members of the public, when routed to the public Internet, must be identified as originating from the partner Internet Access Provider, not from Janet or the customer; 5.The customer and Internet Access Provider are responsible for compliance with any relevant laws and policies applying to public Internet access, for example on logging and filtering. Regulatory Compliance

6 Solution Design

7 Adheres to technical & regulatory requirements. Uses existing Janet infrastructure – Flexibility to scale up/down bandwidth requirements in line with need – Simple configuration / network management – Recognised Janet availability/reliability Using an approved Janet partner removes the need for procurement/tender Cost savings - no circuit costs, no tender / procurement overhead, reduced management overhead, reduced on-going support overhead. Benefits of using a Janet solution

8 Over 50 enquiries 5 universities signed up 4 more imminent Oxford and Cambridge under negotiation Other providers now interested and starting negotiations Current situation:-

9 Janet Kevin Sharp Customer Engagement Manager Tel: 01235 822264 Mob: 07967 365272 The Cloud Rod Howell Internal Account Management M: +44 (0) 7447 063951 T: +44 (0) 1727 421825 | Further information

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