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Will You Get enough This Year get more than just a degree.

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2 Will You Get enough This Year

3 get more than just a degree

4 Gain important dynamic skills for your career

5 Meet people from around the world! Experience other Cultures!

6 Challenge yourself!

7 Become a Global leader!

8 Join the international network of 50,000 students globally!

9 What is

10 began in 1948 in France is a French acronym for "Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales". is the largest student organization in the world operates in more than 80 countries, more than 800 universities, with more than 50,000 members!!!

11 What is the MISSION? We want to help DEVELOP our INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES, BUSINESSES, and INDIVIDUALS with a commitment to increasing International Understanding.

12 We Strive to Achieve our Mission by… Running our paid International Internship Exchange Program!!! Sending college students on International Internships to 85 different countries Providing Businesses with international interns from around the globe

13 The year is 1945…..

14 Europe is lying in a state of ruin after the Second World War

15 one of the“leaders” responsible for what happened.

16 one of the scenes at the time


18 An entire generation of leaders are dead…

19 Only poverty and quarreling between nations remains.

20 This was the world when began.

21 A letter was sent, by a student to one of his friends in Europe: “…..dear friends, how this situation can be solved?” …what can we do for the World?”

22 “The cause of dispute breaking out must be that there are only a few leaders who have a global mind.

23 If that is, we have to Become the ‘global leader’ ….”

24 Students From Six European Countries Came Together And Decided To Share their unique perspectives Experience each other’s cultures Make a change in the world by…

25 ExChanging People ONE BY ONE

26 By ExChanging People, Aiesec offers the opportunity to Challenge mindsets Step outside one’s comfort zone Meet others from around the world with the same dreams and aspirations Share experiences, laughter, tears, joy Learn from each other Make a difference in the world!

27 World War II is over, but we face similar issues in THE WORLD TODAY

28 In Africa, over 20 million people have died of AIDS so far



31 …they have no place to go no place to go




35 S ORRY isn’t good enough


37 …she’s hungry.

38 Not everyone can wake up knowing there will be food to eat…




42 Natural disasters devastate communities too poor to protect themselves…

43 Prejudice based on race is still present


45 The need for globally minded, responsible leadership is still relevant today!


47 Will we realize the far reaching effects of our actions?

48 What are tomorrow’sleaderslearningtoday?

49 Sends U.S. students to work abroad. Brings international interns to work in the U.S. Provides support and cultural experiences. Develops leadership skills. What does AIESEC do about it

50 Take the lead… Help run the Aiesec ExChange program at Miami University

51 What can AIESEC do for you? -Access to an international network -Access to a business network (corporate sponsors, partners, alumni) -Professional experience (marketing, communicating, customer service, networking, business planning, management, working in a non-profit organization) -A way to build your resume with the things you have done in AIESEC

52 What can AIESEC do for you? -International perspective (by interacting with people from different countries, cultural modules) -Leadership development and personal development -A better understanding of how you can work abroad -A social network that will last you a life time -A real life experience that will allow you to make a difference in the world

53 AIESEC in the World Largest student-run exchange organization in the world Exist in over 85 different countries Over 50,000 members 700+ university campuses Official voice of the youth in the UN Has signed a partnership with the UNFPA

54 AIESEC in the United States Exist on 40+ university campuses across the Nation Corporate Headquarters in New York City Official J-1 Sponsor Organization Over 1,000 members

55 Get involved with Aiesec… Show international interns your university and local area … gain experience planning and leading cultural events … make lasting friendships with interns from around the world … challenge your assumptions and gain a new perspective … help orient internationals to American business and social culture

56 Get involved with Aiesec… Speak with companies in the local area about taking an Aiesec intern in their department… …gain important sales and business skills … meet and interact with business professionals

57 Send students from your university to work abroad. … gain skills in the areas of marketing & advertising and recruitment & selection … work with individuals to locate a position that best suits their needs Get involved with Aiesec…

58 Cooperate with over 50,000 other Aiesecers around the world to facilitate the ExChange process. Attend fun, interactive, leadership conferences at the local, national, and international levels. Make friends to last a lifetime. Get involved with Aiesec…

59 We’re not looking for just anybody!

60 Aiesecers are… Trying to make a difference… Open -minded Sociable Positive Open to new Ideas Willing To Learn Pro- Active INNOVATIVE Motivated Creative Dedicated Culturally Aware ENTHUSIASTIC Accepting Thoughtful AMBITIOUS FUN! FUN!

61 is a chance to create friendships that last a lifetime……. AIESEC Miami

62 is a chance To meet cute foreign women And exotic foreign men...

63 is a chance to see the world…… Wawel Cathedral (Krakow) Cloth Hall, main square, Krakow

64 is a chance To dress up Networking event at National Conference 2004 in Atlanta

65 is a chance to dress down Chillin out at our zany theme parties.

66 is a chance To affect your community…… Global Village 2004 at the Uptown Park

67 is a chance to affect the global community….. Gary Pupurs, Alumni, represented AIESEC at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in New York City his senior year.

68 is a chance To improve your social life National Conference 2004 Atlanta, Georgia

69 is a chance To work your butt off. And reap the rewards

70 is a chance to have breakfast with a Noble Prize winner Karen Raiti, an AIESEC Michigan Alumni attended the AIESEC International Congress in Poland, met Lech Walesa, then President of Poland and Noble Prize Winner, and arranged to join him for breakfast. She interviewed him for a thesis she was working on. She got an “A”.

71 is a chance To learn funky little foreign dances

72 will be... One of the most rewarding experiences you have in collegeOne of the most rewarding experiences you have in college An opportunity for personal and professional developmentAn opportunity for personal and professional development A plethora of opportunities for you to take advantage ofA plethora of opportunities for you to take advantage of A chance to meet people from around the worldA chance to meet people from around the world A ton of Fun!!!A ton of Fun!!!


74 Whateveryoumake of it AIESEC is

75 ExChanging People ONEBYONE

76 The opportunity that is about to change your life… Join



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