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Constitutional Research Publications and Helpful Hints.

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1 Constitutional Research Publications and Helpful Hints

2 Finding the Text  Unannotated versions  United States Code  Annotated versions  United States Code Annotated  United States Code Service

3 Researching Constitutions  Generally, the text of the Constitution is not as critical as the opinions of cases that interpret the Constitution  The number of cases citing a particular provision may be endless which hinders research.

4 Helpful Hints--Generally  Use secondary resources such as law review articles, treatises, or hornbooks to find THE relevant cases on that issue

5 Helpful Hints--Print  Use Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation, KF4527.J39 1996, Core and Reserve collections

6 This one volume publication is both a primary and a secondary resource

7 Text

8 Commentary

9 Citations to Cases and Other Resources

10 Helpful Hints--Westlaw  Restrict search to headnote field  Example 1: Search ALLFEDS database  “fourth +2 amendment /p wiretap!” --739 hits  “HE(fourth +2 amendment /p wiretap!)” --145 hits  Example 2:  “fourth +2 amendment /p wiretap! /p office” --45 hits  “HE(fourth +2 amendment /p wiretap! /p office) --2 hits

11 Helpful Hints--Westlaw  Combine topic and key number search with facts  Example: Search ALLFEDS database  Criminal Law 394.3 (110k394.3) covers Evidence Wrongfully Obtained from Wiretapping or Other interception  “110k394.3” --1288 hits  “110k394.3 /p office” --26 hits

12 Helpful Hints--Lexis  Use segment restrictions  Example 1: Search Federal Cases, Combined Courts  Fourth +2 amendment /25 wiretap! --593 hits  OVERVIEW(Fourth +2 amendment /25 wiretap!) -- 44 hits  SYLLABUS(Fourth +2 amendment /25 wiretap!) -- 4 hits

13 Final Helpful Hints  Read the fact pattern and question carefully and frequently  Evaluate your research throughout the project to make sure you stay on point

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