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Workflow basics/terminology Examples Tips/Lessons Learned Q&A.

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2 Workflow basics/terminology Examples Tips/Lessons Learned Q&A

3 Workflow Template: desc the forms and assembly, developed in VS Association: connect list/CT to template Workflow Instance: an instance of the association Tasks

4 AssociateInitiateModifyComplete

5 Association: default values for initiation Initiation: manual start Task Edit: change task status Modification: modification in process InfoPath vs. ASPX

6 Model the workflow Create and bind the forms Code Deploy Debug

7 VS: WSP Builder SharePoint Designer K2 MetaStorm ascentn AgilePoint etc

8 Back-end processes Setting item permissions Syncing lists Person-to-person Simple: single approvals, notifications Medium: User access requests, extranet creation, Invoice process Complex: Expense reimbursement, Matter intake process




12 Correlation Token: GUID that the WF engine can use to map events and actions to object. Workflows run as System account. SPD vs. VS Custom actions for reuse Upgrade long running WF

13 Testing complexity Start small, build often Build for the real-world Business analysis Ask why (more than once) Understand what client needs, not what they ask for

14 Q&A

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