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Extrinsic and Depth Calibration of TOF-cameras Reporter :鄒嘉恆 Date : 2009/12/22.

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1 Extrinsic and Depth Calibration of TOF-cameras Reporter :鄒嘉恆 Date : 2009/12/22

2 Introduction This work presents a calibration procedure that enable user to calibrate the distance- and amplitude-related error of a ToF- camera for a desire operating range.

3 outline Distance-error model  Distance- and amplitude- related errors  Latency-related error  Depth calibration Experimental results Conclusion

4 Distance-error model(1/2) Emits incoherent NIR light : Remitted light : Correlation : Phase delay : Amplitude : Distance :

5 Distance-error model(2/2) P = {v 1, …, v w } represent W image coordinates. v = (r, c) where r and c denote the image row and column Amplitude images : Depth images :

6 Distance- and amplitude-related errors(1/4) Non –ideal NIR-LED response Correlation of the LED- signals with the control signal

7 Distance- and amplitude-related errors(2/4) This phenomenon results in phase-delay- and distance-related error respectively.

8 Distance- and amplitude-related errors(3/4) Distance- and amplitude-related errors are joined and approximated by M penalised splines : Amplitude interval : Spline coefficients : K note points :

9 Distance- and amplitude-related errors(4/4)

10 Latency-related error Different latencies for every pixel have to be taken into account

11 Depth calibration(1/2) Overall error : Corrected distance The distance between an measured point v and the calibration plane in a single shot i

12 Depth calibration(2/2) S includes the spline coefficients, (b 1, b 2 ), (n c, d c ), and t T s

13 Experimental results(1/7) O3D100 : 50 x 64 pixels Covers a measurement range up 7500mm

14 Experimental results(2/7) Robustness

15 Experimental results(3/7) Precision

16 Experimental results(4/7) Precision Uncalibrated measurements

17 Experimental results(5/7) Precision calibrated measurements

18 Experimental results(6/7) Precision

19 Experimental results(7/7) validity

20 Conclusion The calibration procedure simultaneously estimates the distance parameter and the extrinsic parameters. The calibration procedure considers the distance-related, the amplitude-related and latency-related error.

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