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Searching for Your First Professional Position CSCE 181 Introduction to Computing David McMahon ’69 March 2014.

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1 Searching for Your First Professional Position CSCE 181 Introduction to Computing David McMahon ’69 March 2014

2 2 No. 2 Recruiting School of Companies Recruiting New Hires Wall Street Journal Focus on teaching practical skills One-stop shopping Big student populations Texas A&M University Proximity to key operations Quality of candidates Breath of programs match recruiting needs

3 3 You Are Here!

4 John J. Koldus Building Suite 209 979-845-5139 So Are We!

5 5 Career Center Components Career Education Experiential Education Interview Services Former Student Services

6 How Employers “Grade” TAMU Students 6

7 What Should Students Research at Company Websites? Feedback from Students Employers Company overview80%97% Products/Services 56%77% Career Opportunity75%68% Location 46%45% Financial 15%13% Division 25% 6% 7

8 Career Direction What brings that sparkle to your eye or fire in your belly? What are the 3 to 5 things you see yourself doing with your degree for my company? What in my job description excited you, that you see yourself doing? Why are you the best person to fill my job, not just qualified to do my job? 8

9 What Employers Value When Selecting Full-time Employees TAMU National Internships/Co-ops 100%83% Personality/Social Skills 97% Creativity/Problem Solving95% Technical/Academic Skills 92% GPA 92% Leadership in Professional Organization 90%69% Leadership in Non-professional Organization64%48% Part-time job54% Volunteer engagement 45%46% Senior Design Projects 40%71% AggiExternship 26% Research with Faculty 19%52% Study Abroad 15%38% Work Abroad11%54%

10 Career Education Website Resources Salary and Relocation Statistics Resume Templates Career Tube AFS Find an Aggie Online Resources

11 11 Career development/exploration resources Air JobsCareer Beam CareerSearch Career Shift Eco JobsGoing Global Internships USA Virtual Mock InterviewJobweb Oil & Gas JournalSIGI 3 Sports Job BoardUniWorld Washington Information Directory Career Education Online Resources

12 Career Education Advising Walk-in Advising & Resume Reviews: 8:30-11:00am and 1:30-4:00pm (M-F) 209 Koldus and various campus locations Individual Appointments (call 845-5139) E-mail: Helpful staff

13 Career Education Workshops CO-OP Orientation Resume Writing How to “Work” Career Fairs Job & Internship Search Strategies Behavioral Interviewing Skills Mock Interviews & Interview Coaching The Company Visit Interview Salary Evaluation/Negotiation Business Ethics Dress for Success & Dining Etiquette Federal Employment Forum Applying to Graduate School I’ve Got the Job! Now What??

14 14 Experiential Education AggiExternship 2014 1 Day Visit by Students Day-to-day Work of Someone in Your Major 40 Host Companies 55 Locations 953 Students Invited 763 Students Participated Austin, B/CS, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Tyler, San Antonio Open to all Colleges AggiExternship 2015 January 13 th, 14 th, 15 th, & 16 th

15 15 Experiential Education Cooperative Education Multiple work terms; Receive course credit; Always paid Internships Typically in summer; Usually paid; Course credit possible Volunteer Work Community service related Friendly Staff

16 16 Experiential Education BENEFITS Confirms your choice of major Gain professional work experience Increases marketability upon graduation Meet amazing people Network and gain valuable contacts Apply classroom theory to real-world settings

17 17 Interview Services You have already paid for it!!!!!! No charge to Employers!!

18 18 Interview Services Job Posting Services Employers Registered to: Post positions - New Hire, Co-op, Intern, Experienced Collect and search resumes Students Registered to: Apply for positions Manage job search process Sign up for interviews

19 Services Personal Advising and Workshops Job Postings Interviews I Qualify For Jobs I Qualify For (screening only) Jobs I Qualify For (all) Interview Services

20 20 Key Tabs Key Data

21 Interview Services 2012 -2013  Companies 3,700+ actively recruiting for full-time, co-op, and internships  Postings 10,500+ Interview Schedules & Job Postings  On-campus interviews 16,000+ conducted – Whoop!  Resume Drops 160,000+ submitted

22 Career Fairs Agriculture Architecture Business Camp Day Construction Education Engineering Geosciences Graduate and Professional School Health Professions Industrial Distribution Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning Liberal Arts Law School Caravan Overseas Day Retailing Sciences

23 Other Texas A&M vs. Engineering Graduates Outcomes - Fall 2013 23

24 TAMU Bachelors Grads Starting Salaries - Fall 2012 24

25 TAMU Bachelors Grads Starting Salaries - Fall 2012 25

26 Final Thought "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.“ - Walt Disney “The man who waits for just the right time to start never gets anywhere.” - Roger W Babson - Entrepreneur and business theorist Start at least 2 semesters before you want to go to work!

27 Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

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