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Marketing Inside Your Club Ways To Create MORE Business

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1 Marketing Inside Your Club Ways To Create MORE Business
Day 2 Section 2

2 Branding Yourself

3 Branding Yourself Branding Yourself In the Nutrition Club
First, consider what you do behind the counter:  Wash Your Hands every time you enter the kitchen Look presentable; good personal hygiene Hair up and pulled back when you are in the kitchen; making smoothies Wear Herbalife or Nutrition Club apparel Shirt Herbalife button Hat Team Herbalife Have your own product story written up, in a frame and displayed. Consider having in hang on a wall close to the counter so that you can refer to your own before/after photos as you are taking to the members.

4 Branding Yourself Second, the members to feel good about you, themselves and Herbalife:  You want your club to be known as a positive experience. This includes: You language (keep it positive) Topics of conversation (stay away from controversial topics) Personal phone use at the club Imagine you are at a restaurant, and your server is standing at your table taking your order, and he/she answers a personal call phone? What would you think? We, as club owners and operators, should be just as respectful of our own members. This is OUR business!

5 Branding Yourself Computers
Depending on how busy your club is, consider where your computer is located? Are owners and associates able to be working on their laptop during the hours they are at the club? Is the computer out in the open? Or in an office? Texting while behind the counter, again, depending on how busy of a club? Does your club need a policy around this? Focus on your members; not your computer, phone, or texting

6 Branding Yourself Third, you also brand yourself outside of the Club:
Even if you are at an in-service, doing your invitations, or working out at the gym. If you are representing your company, represent it well. Wear the Brand. Business Networks – Parent Groups Everyone you meet, doing business with, having a transaction with – ALL must be treated with the Golden Rule! Fourth, Brand yourself through Facebook and NC Website

7 Postings

8 Postings Feel confident about your club the day that your doors open!
Do you have your weight loss challenge scheduled? Do the preparations ahead of time so that you are ready for business!  Weight Loss Challenge on the books Have a sign up sheet on the counter Have flyers on the counter for your members to take away Have your Weight Loss Challenge start date posted on a whiteboard/chalkboard or poster in your club Include other details including: Cost How many weeks Entry Fee

9 Postings Have information on Body Composition or Wellness Profile Counter Sheet on counter to create an easy transition to book a wellness profile. Before & After Photos/books In your club Include Your product story Other friends and family’s stories if available Wall of Fame Have your personal business cards on the counter (or close) Have your Menu’s/Brochures on the counter Membership Counter Sheet (describing the membership fee) Pre-pay program for 10 memberships sign or posting Customer Party – Special Events posted

10 Let Your Club Talk For YOU

11 Let Your Club Talk For You
Do you have a chalkboard or whiteboard in your club? What about painting an area of your wall with whiteboard or chalkboard paint? How could you promote a person, product, or a story in your nutrition club without talking? Topics to Consider Posting on a board; consider changing daily, weekly, or monthly: In the Weight Loss Challenge that you are running, who are the Top 5 or 10 people for each week? You could post their initials, or first name on the board, possibly with the overall percentage of body weight lost. Use the board to announce the start date and time of your next Weight Loss Challenge

12 Let Your Club Talk For You
Are you offering a Specialty Smoothie of the Month? Use the board to announce a new smoothie flavor! Choose from the “Special Recipe” in the NC Smoothie Recipes or from Smoothie of the Month suggestions Have Business Appreciation in place? you could promote it and how it works. When is your next product or business opportunity training? Are you looking to build your team? Write “Wellness Coaches Needed” on your board.

13 Let Your Club Talk For You
Are you looking for additional Nutrition Club Owners? Write “Looking for Nutrition Club Owners in these areas” and then write the names of some nearby city’s. Are you promoting a product of the month? Use the board to provide some education on a particular product, or a program. Write a short testimonial on the wall to support your product.

14 Monthly Product Highlight

15 Monthly Product Highlight
Consider having a product, or a product line, highlighted every month (or whatever schedule you determine). This provides you an opportunity to further educate your members on the Herbalife product line through a fun display. This is just another way to allow your Nutrition Club to talk for you! Highlight an individual product, or, highlight a product line: Have an area in your Nutrition Club that is designated for the “Monthly Product Display” Display the individual product in your “Monthly Product Display” area of your Nutrition Club Frame a product story from you, or a client, that supports the use of that product Frame any supporting documents from

16 Monthly Product Highlight
Have brochures or flyers about the product or product line Include some fun and creativity! What can they look at? Read? Touch and Feel? Globs of Fat and Masses of muscle 5lbs. ( Fat Test Tubes ( Reading Food Labels (from Weight Loss Challenge) How Many Grams of Fiber (from Weight Loss Challenge) Keep Product Highlight consistent with your monthly newsletter. If you are highlighting Cell U Loss in your newsletter, also highlight that same product in the Nutrition Club.

17 Monthly Product Highlight
Consider keeping it consistent with the seasons or time of year? Flu season = Best Defense Heart Health month = Niteworks (Feb) Colon Health month = Digestive Heatlh Product line (March) Season change = 21 day cleanse Swimsuit season = could be many (Beverage Mix, Cell U Loss, Body Buffing Lotion & Contouring Cream, Weight Management product line) New Year’s Resolutions (Weight Management product line)

18 Referral Program

19 3+1 Referral Program This is a referral program that you can offer in your Nutrition Club that promotes and rewards your members, for bringing in referrals. What is it? A program where you educate your member, that if they refer 3 people, who become members, they receive 1 FREE daily membership themselves. How do you prepare for it? Purchase a 4x6 Index Card Box, and 4x6 lined index cards Purchase 4x6 A-Z tabs for the box Label outside of box “Bring 3 Get 1 Free”

20 3+1 Referral Program When a member comes in your club, how do you explain in to them? We grow our membership through word of mouth We reward our members for brining referrals So, when you send a friend into our nutrition club, just be sure to have them let us know, that YOU sent them! Optional Addition: write the members name on the back of your personal invitation cards. Give the member the 5 cards to hand out to their friends and family. When 3 invitation cards are returned, the original member receives 1 FREE membership. The club owner will pull the index card (of member who referred the new client), and write the name of the referral on the index card. The Club Owner will replace the index card back in the box. Always file by First Name .

21 3+1 Referral Program Who fills out the card?
Club Owner is responsible for pulling out the index card, and writing the name of the referral on the card. Can they bring 6 and get 2 free? Yes! For every 3 people they refer, they receive 1 FREE Membership. If they continue to refer, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to invite this member to a presentation! This person may be your next operator/club owner!

22 Pre-Paid Membership Program

23 Pre-Paid Membership Program
Prepay for 10 memberships up front and 11th FREE. The 10 memberships can be paid for by cash, check or credit card. Reminder: Have your sign/poster on the counter letting your members know that this is a service that you offer. Purpose: One, convenience for your members. They don’t have to remember to bring payment when they visit. Two, if a member pre-pays for their membership card, this gives your Nutrition Club account a cushion.

24 Pre-Paid Membership Program
How do you prepare? Purchase a 4x6 Index Card Box Purchase 4x6 A-Z tabs for the Index Card Box Purchase 4x6 Index Cards When a member pre-pays for 10 memberships, the club owner will pull an index card (from behind the counter), and fill out the card.

25 Pre-Paid Membership Program
Who collects the $50? The $$$ goes to the NC main account How does it get paid out? gets paid out to either the Personal (member’s coach) or Duty that served the member that day per daily shift closing sheet.

26 Pre-Paid Membership Program
Who fills out the card? When a member visits the club… WE PULL their card and place it next to the order ticket WE DATE THE CARD WE INITIAL THE CARD

27 Club Music

28 Club Music Music that plays in your club will affect your personal energy level, and the energy level in your club! Think of music and exercise: lots of people have to listen to upbeat, fast-paced music to keep them going in their workouts. Music does affect your mental and physical energy! Play fun upbeat music in your club Especially when the Nutrition Club is busy Your members will comment on how “fun” and “energetic” your club is!

29 Club Music You want your members to feel energized when they are in your club and after they leave! Not just from the nutrition, but also from the experience!  One resource to find fun, energetic, upbeat music is: – such as Just Dance Volume 3 or Hip Hop Funk etc. OR go to iTunes and locate any Club or Dance Mixes (preview to make sure lyrics are clean)

30 Club Television

31 Club Television Consider having a television in your club to do more “club advertising” for you! What you play on your television can impact the energy in your nutrition club, your retail, and your potential recruiting!  Imagine how the energy in your club would be if you had the NEWS on all day? Not that good!   Always play what will grow your business.

32 Club Television Here are some options:
Photo slide shows of trainings and events! Your club members will ask where you were? What did you do there? This provides a good opportunity to talk about both the products and the business. Personalize Your Program DVD. You can purchase from Digestive Health DVD from Jim Rohn DVD from Mark Hughes Corkboard DVD from Herbalife Broadcast network videos. There are many options! Health Talk or Product Focused with Dr. Luigi

33 Monthly Newsletter

34 Monthly Newsletter What is a newsletter?
A method for you to communicate to your Nutrition Club members, or Weight Loss Challenge participants. Who is it sent to? Your Nutrition Club Members Your Weight Loss Challenge Participants In what format? You can use or as your newsletter resource You can send out a newsletter via (In the body or your , or attach a Word document) You could print a paper newsletter for your Nutrition Club or your Weight Loss Challenge.

35 Monthly Newsletter How do you obtain email addresses?
Have a “newsletter sign-up” sheet on the counter of your Nutrition Club Order Ticket With approval, obtain addresses of your Weight Loss Challenge participants Each Operator is responsible for creating your own distribution list and ing of newsletter. Can be same newsletter for entire club but each operator would personalize with his/her info

36 Monthly Newsletter Send out a monthly newsletter, on the first of the month, and may include a topic on: Weight Loss Challenge Either highlight a Weight Loss Challenge in progress Announce new Weight Loss Challenge With approval, put a photo of your last challenge winner, their testimonial, and the amount of money they earned Product Highlight or Product Line Highlight Photo of product Educate on product. What is it? Who would benefit from it? Include a testimonial

37 Monthly Newsletter Recruiting Section:
Link to, Business Opportunity, WHY NOW video (or similar) Upcoming local or regional trainings Date – Time - Cost Most Important: What will be taught! Recipe of the Month Smoothie Recipe Pie Recipe Bar Recipe New Product Launch

38 Club Events

39 Club Events Monthly Customer Party Healthy Happy Hour
Weekly Product Training Nutrition Education Pamper Yourself Facial Party Outdoor group activities.. Hiking.. Charity Run…etc. Fitness Party.. Zumba Fitness Party Family Movie Night, Singles Night…etc. Open Mic Night

40 New Hire Orientation 3/25/2017 Seoul, Korea

41 Seoul, Korea Commercial Nutrition Center
New Hire Orientation 3/25/2017 Seoul, Korea Commercial Nutrition Center


43 Calendar of Events – Venezuela
New Hire Orientation 3/25/2017 Calendar of Events – Venezuela Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 7 am 8 am 9 am 10 am 11 am 12 m 1 pm 2 pm 3 pm 4 pm 5 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8 pm 9 pm 10 pm Nutrition Center Nutrition Center Nutrition Center Nutrition Center Nutrition Center STS Quickstart Wellness Evaluations Wellness Evaluations Wellness Evaluations Wellness Evaluations Wellness Evaluations Total Plan Total Plan Total Plan Total Plan Total Plan HOM Entrenamiento HOM Entrenamiento Home Party Vinada Home Party Vinada Business Dinner Home Party Business Dinner 43


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