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2 THERE ARE 5 DIFFERENT MENUS  Tic-Tac-Toe Menu  List Menu  20-50-80 Menu  Baseball Menu  Game Show Menu

3 20-50-80 MENU  Time for this menu to be completed is one week  Works best with in-depth study of one topic  No Free Choice because point values need to be assigned based on Bloom’s Revised taxonomy  With this menu students will complete one activity at a higher level of thinking in order to reach their point goal

4 FREE CHOICE  With most menus, the students are allowed to submit a free choice for their teacher’s consideration  Proposal forms must be submitted before students begin working on their free-choice products  Once approved, the forms easily can be stapled to the students’ menu sheets and the teacher can refer to the agreement for the graded features of the product

5 LIST MENU  Time period for this menu to be completed is two weeks  This menu can be used for more than one topic  Requires advanced planning ~teacher must have all materials ready at the beginning of the unit for the students to be able to choose any activity on the list  Students have complete control over their grades by doing the required work; those still learning can choose lower level point value projects to reinforce the basics before jumping into the higher level activities

6 TIC-TAC-TOE MENU  Time needed to complete is usually one to three weeks  Eight predetermined choices and one free choice for students  All choices are created at the same level of Bloom’s Revised taxonomy and carry the same weight for grading  Only covers one to three topics  Friendly design is easy for students to understand

7 BASEBALL MENU  Time needed to complete is usually four to five weeks  Twenty predetermined choices, given values as singles, doubles, triples, or home runs based on Bloom’s Revised taxonomy  Singles represent remember and understand, double- apply and analyze, triples-evaluate, home runs-create  This menu is best for one topic with many objectives for in-depth study

8 GAME SHOW MENU  Time to complete this type of menu is four to six weeks  Most complex menu, covers multiple topics or objectives with at least three predetermined choices and a free student choice for each objective, choices are assigned based on the levels of Bloom’s Revised taxonomy  It has the flexibility to allow for individualized contracts for different learning levels with in the classroom  Students and parents must understand the guidelines for completing the menu

9 MENUS CAN BE IMPLEMENTED IN A VARIETY OF WAYS  Enrichment and Supplemental Activities  Standard Activities  Mini-Lessons

10 GUIDELINES FOR PRODUCTS  Different types of products are included in the featured menus, as well as guidelines and expectations for all products  $1 Contract- is part of the product criteria- this limits the amount of money a child can spend, and creates an equal amount of resources for all students- encourages creativity  Products are listed and chosen to meet different learning styles- visual, kinesthetic, or auditory - explanation of the criteria for all products

11 RUBRICS FOR MENUS  All –Purpose Rubric  Student –Taught Lessons  Oral Presentation Rubrics  Student Feedback Rubric

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