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Nicaragua By: HHJ Travels.

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1 Nicaragua By: HHJ Travels

2 Nicaragua is 12 degrees north, 86 degrees west
Location Nicaragua is 12 degrees north, 86 degrees west Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Costa Rica and Honduras

3 Place Nicaragua Geography consists of mountains, volcanoes , rivers and sea. Nicaragua can be geographically divided into mountainous Central Region, Pacific Lowlands and Atlantic Lowlands. The characteristic feature of the climate is tropical in lowland whereas cooler in highland. The climate of Nicaragua is tropical and consists of two main seasons that are dry and rainy seasons. Dry season in Nicaragua is prevalent between January and June while the months of June and July offers heavy downpour. Nicaragua, officially the Republic of Nicaragua, is a representative democratic republic and the largest nation in Central America.

4 Human-Environment Interaction
Gold Silver Copper Tungsten Lead Zinc Timber Fish Crops Roads Buildings

5 Movement People move to Nicaragua because of their beautiful beaches and their farmland.

6 Nicaragua is in the Central America region

7 The End

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