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By: Page Anderson, Alexis Boles, and Taylor Boles.

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1 By: Page Anderson, Alexis Boles, and Taylor Boles

2  Between 800-900 B.C. the Etruscans settled in the Italian Peninsula; arriving from Asia Minor  3000 years ago, a tribe called the Latins lived on the Tiber River. The village grew and became Rome.

3  Gods looked like humans, exactly like Greek gods  Women and men were fairly equal in status  Each town was organized by the Etruscans to form city-states, which each had a king  Each city-state worked together in a league and that called the Etruscan league

4  The Etruscan league began to trade with people along the African coastline, along with people in the east.  Trade route included a village on the Tiber River  Rome was a busy place  Rome grew while Etruscans was building their civilization  Rome was a center of commerce  Some of the early kings from Rome were Etruscans

5  Religious and/or light-hearted topics  Created artistic objects mostly for religious purposes  Famous artworks are in baked clay or terra- cotta  Decorative art are imported then copied painted Greek pottery  Are famous for their gold jewelry

6  The Etruscans used Greek alphabet  Only some of the language has been deciphered

7 Upper class -Wealthy landowners, nobles, and priests Middle Class -Farmers, traders, and city workers Lower Class -enslaved people

8  Had many gods  They first worshiped gods outdoors on platforms made of stone or dirt  Later, they built temples of wood, mud-brick, and clay on stone foundations  Soothsayers predicted events  Omens were signs of what was going to happen

9  Had a strong, powerful military  Soldiers wore heavy leather shoes that laced around the ankle

10  Grew barley, wheat, grapes and other fruit  They raised sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and cattle  Cattle was used for food and to pull plows and wagons

11  Played board games  Watched and took part in sports  They loved music and dancing, it was a big part of their religion  Gambled with ivory dice

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